Chicken Popcorn & Pesto Rice Bento

Today was our first day in a new office. Because it was kind of a rushed move, I don’t have a computer yet, much less an online connection. So bento posts will have to wait til the evening, unless I’m too tired. Still, despite the lack of a computer and a pantry, I’m loving our new office already.

Chicken Popcorn and Pesto Rice Bento

Bento #105 • 5 March 2007

Top Tier:
• Shredded kani surimi (imitation crabmeat sticks)
• Peas
• Corn and carrots
• Hot and spicy chicken popcorn

Bottom Tier:
• Sundried Tomato Pesto rice. Basically, rice with a tablespoon of sundried tomato pesto. It doesn’t taste too pesto-ey but the scent…it was so fragrant even when it got cold.

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