Panini Bento

Yay for new toys! I happened upon a shiny Panini Press from one of the membership shopping clubs near home and with my mom egging me on, I knew I had to take it home. Especially since earlier that same day, I made panini using a frying pan and a pot of water. (Will recreate this weekend for kitchen cow as process was extremely effective.)

Can I just say how I totally love-love it? I can’t wait for the weekend so I can go take pictures, heehee.

Panini Bento

Bento #109 • 21 March 2007

• Roasted Chicken & Cheese Panini (Can you say leftovers?)
• A curious little mouse, invading my panini! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (aka. The return of the Fancy Fishballs!)
• Orange wedges
• Salad fixings (Iceberg lettuce, more roasted chicken, cherry tomatoes and a Hello Kitty sauce cup of dressing)
• Almond Lychee Jelly cubes

I learned something from today’s panini, the first one ever from the new panini press. Mostly about carefully considering what to put in my sandwich. I put iceberg lettuce, as I usually do when I make sandwiches, only to get disastrous results. I ended up fishing it out since I discovered it turned all gunky after I sliced the panini in two. Also, I realized that something must be done to the cheese before I put it in a panini. I’m thinking it has to do with my sandwich layering order or something, since it oozed out of the sandwich. Fortunately, the press had a nice non-stick surface so I ended up with toasted cheese flakes…YUM!

Can’t wait for the weekend so I can try some interesting panini combinations…especially with the giant bottle of sun-dried tomatoes soaked in -olive oil waiting at home.

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