Saturday at Salcedo

For months already, my mom has been trying to drag me to the Salcedo Saturday Market in Makati. Figuring it was just the same old Greenbelt Organic Produce Market, I always opted to sleep in instead.

Last week however, I read an article featuring the said Saturday Market and I was amazed. The myriad of food, both fresh and cooked was awesome. The pictures revealed the promise of droolworthy goodness and the wide array of ingredients had me all excited to experiment. After reading that article, it became apparent that the following Saturday, I was going to forsake my usual habit of sleeping in, seduced by the idea of delectable treats all together in one spot.

March 24, 2007. Saturday. All ready for our food odyssey, my mom and I drove to Makati from our residence in Cavite. My mom was armed with a large canvas bag for goodies. I had my trusty point and shoot, Natsume. Even our car was equipped with an ice chest, ready for the spoils of war. And war it was, we waged. The first of many Saturdays.

salcedo01.jpgA parking lot during weekdays, it magically transforms into a collection of stalls, all filled with an assortment of food on Saturday mornings.

Salcedo Saturday MarketA lot of stalls sell ready made food. This one specializes in Filipino dishes that have Spanish roots, like Lengua and Osso Bucco.

Salcedo Saturday MarketAn assortment of Filipino “deli” goodies. Itlog na Maalat (salted egg), Chicharon (fried pork rinds), Daing (smoked fish) and Achara (pickled veggies).

Salcedo Saturday MarketSpicy! A wide array of spices from all over.

Salcedo Saturday MarketGrilled seafood! Squid, Bangus (Milkfish), Hito (Catfish) and Lato (sea grape) salads in the styro containers.

Salcedo Saturday MarketThese fish live! A basin of live fish and a tray of shellfish behind.

Salcedo Saturday MarketWho can resist biting into delectable lechon (roasted pig) from Cebu? Unlike other lechon, Cebu lechon is cooked in such a way that everything is flavorful. You don’t need lechon sauce to enjoy it, each little bit is perfect as it is.

Salcedo Saturday MarketShawarma and kebabs. Yum!

Salcedo Saturday MarketMore regional treats.

Salcedo Saturday MarketInstant Calamansi Powder for juices and marinade. Don’t they look cute in their little Calamansi-shaped containers?

Salcedo Saturday MarketFreshly made tofu! Healthy and interesting.

Salcedo Saturday MarketA selection of Quiches from an Italian-run booth.

Salcedo Saturday MarketMountains of fresh organic produce.

Salcedo Saturday MarketBagels of every kind and flavor. I took home a good selection.

Salcedo Saturday MarketIndian Food like curry and samosas. I love their hummus.

Salcedo Saturday MarketDelicious Paella! I absolutely loved the Paella Negra (Squid Ink Paella).
What a way to spend a Saturday. We left the Market at around 10, loaded with bags and bags of food. We had to pass up on some food, because there’s only so much the two of us could eat before it turns bad. It was all right because hey, there’s always other Saturdays.

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23 Responses to Saturday at Salcedo

  1. Spitze says:

    Is the Saturday market still around these days?

    • kaoko says:

      Last I checked, it was still ongoing. I think they even celebrated an anniversary recently. I plan to go back next week or the week after next. If you’d like, I can give you a heads-up if it’s still as good 😀

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  4. Sherra says:

    I’ve been hearing about this weekend market for quite some time now. But, still I haven’t visited. From those superb photos, now I want to have a real sigh. This sure is one food event any foodie shouldn’t miss.

    • kaoko says:

      It’s worth getting up early for on a Saturday so I guess that’s a testament to its general goodness. I do hope you manage to make time for it, it really is an awesome experience.

  5. lleriah says:

    This blog makes me hungry.Yum yum yum… Im craving for lechon now. How i miss this kind of lechon. Lechon from cebu is really the best lechon. The taste is great. You don’t need to put sauce on it because its tasty already. And the skin soooooooo crunchy. yummmmy lechon cebu.

    try also .. Its very delicious. Tasty meat and crunchy skin. And the taste is good.

    thanks to your blog. Keep on posting

    God bless.

    • kaoko says:

      Thanks for the heads up Ileriah! That’s a fantastic option for parties and small get-togethers. We received lechon from a similar service last Christmas and we loved it! I like how the link you sent has multiple options depending on how many people you’re feeding. Definitely filing this for reference.

  6. Myr says:

    D’best talaga ang lechon cebu. Walang katulad sa sarap at sa crispy ng balat. Totoo pala ang sabi sabi na “nothing beats the taste of lechon cebu” dahil napakasarap talaga. Hindi na kailangan lagyan pa ng sarsa para ma feel mo yung lasa nya kasi may lasa na sya.

  7. feb says:

    The experience with lechoncebu is great. Our class had lunch at their office and the taste of the lechon was very satisfying to the tummy. The owner’s too are very accommodating.

    Thanks to

    From Agri-Business Students of UP Los Baños

  8. kaoko says:

    Agree totally. Sarap talaga.

    I’m glad you enjoyed lechoncebu. Kaso, this blog is not connected in anyway to them. Maybe you could thank them directly instead? :)

  9. Nicolle says:

    I agree. Masarap talaga ang lechon cebu.

  10. winky says:

    Magandang pasyalan ang salcedo market. Ang dami kasing food. hehehe. Mahilig pa naman ako sa pagkain. Nasa salcedo market na yata ang lahat ng food na gusto ko. sea food, fresh fruits and vegetables, itolg maalat at lechon cebu wow ang sarap.

    Thanks for posting about this food.
    Nice shots and nice blog. Keep on posting.
    God bless :)

  11. dixon says:

    Nice shots and nice place. How i wish makapunta din ako sa salcedo. Picture palang kasi parang ang saya ng tingnan. And speaking of lechon yes masarap talaga ang lechon cebu.

    Thanks sa post kitchen Cow
    God Bless you always :) u

  12. lleriah says:

    hello guyz. . .
    Alam nyo bah na ang lechon cebu ay magbubukas na ng branch sa Pasay? As what i say sa site nla this coming june 24 ang opening nla. They located @ JAC Liner Bus Terminal LRT-Buendia Station. Sa wakas nagkaroon din sila ng branch dito sa manila.

    For more info visit

  13. Toni B. says:

    Yes, litson de cebu is the best!!! I can’t imagine life without it… If u want to know the BEST Lechon in cebu, when u come over, just check out YUMMY CEBU a blogging website with hundreds of members… join NOW!!!

  14. lei says:

    my friends from way back have arranged a reunion at salcedo market weeks from now….do they have chairs and tables there where the goodies can be enjoyed and friends can have some conversation? i know the market opens at 6am…. what time does it close?

    thanks :) your blog was uber-yummy!

    • kaoko says:

      Hi Lei!

      Yes, there are tables and chairs but I’m not sure if it’s a comfortable place for a long, leisurely lunch. But then, if you’re there for a food trip, I’m sure it won’t be an issue. I’m not sure about closing times, but I know a friend has been there at 2pm and it’s still open, albeit some of the sellers are packing up already.

      Hope you have a great food trip :)

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