Instant Food Bento

Whoever said that instant food is junk is insane. I for one, adored the instant food in this bento. All of the items were ready to eat or just took a few steps to being cooked. Perfect for lazy mornings when I can’t just get out of bed yet.

Instant Food Bento

Bento #111 • 28 March 2007

Top Tier:
• Grapes
• Cherry Tomatoes
• Whole Corn Kernels
• Blanched Tomiao
• Hakao / Hakaw / Harkao / SHRIMP DUMPLINGS! 😛

Bottom Tier:
• Tri-colore Fusilli with Sundried Tomato Pesto
• Cherry Tomato & Steamed Okra garnish
• Hummus! With parsley and whole wheat pita flower garnish
• Whole wheat pita flowers

Instant instant instant! The grapes and cherry tomatoes just needed washing. The corn kernels were from a can (same as Monday’s ^_^;;). The Hakao was frozen and just needed to be steamed, along with the okra. The tomiao, I blanched in the lower pot of my steamer. The fusilli was dried and just needed to be cooked, and the pesto came from a bottle. Finally, the hummus and pita were store bought from the Salcedo Saturday Market. I swear with the sheer amount of food we bought, a month will pass and I’ll still be including stuff we bought then in my bento.

Oh yeah, and can someone help out? The green sprouty things in my bento was labelled Tomiao & Tomyao in local supermarkets but after searching online, I can’t find anything about it. I’ve been searching for a few days now and NOTHING. My closest theory is that they’re snow pea sprouts but I need verification. Can anyone help out? Here’s a closer look:

Tomyao? Tomiao? Dom Miao?
I forgot to photograph it while raw. ^_^;;

And one last pic before I go, introducing my renewed obsession:

Hummus and Whole Wheat Pita

I first tried hummus in 2005 during an out of town conference (at Cafe Adriatico in Cebu) and loved it. But then, being extremely drunk that night pushed the hummus to the recesses of my brain. Fast forward to almost a year later when I joined bentolunch and kept encountering hummus in a lot of people’s bento. So, I started ordering it and deemed it good.
Yes! My hummus-encounter in Cebu was not a figment of my intoxicated imagination! Now, aside from buying ready made, I’m trying experimenting to find a recipe that suits my tastes, preferrably without the use of Tahini as it’s hard to find / extremely expensive locally.

Ah hummus. Luv.

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  2. mpkalypso says:

    I know this is kind of late to comment, but if you havent found a good substitute for tahini, I use peanut butter. It gives the hummus a nuttier taste, and is slightly creamier too.

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