Friday Joys: Yakitori Bento

Friday is my favorite day of the week. And my favorite time is right when I’m packing my bags, ready to leave work and get started on the weekend. Fridays are electric; the buzz of excitement with the promise of the coming weekend is practically tangible.

It’s only appropriate to prepare an extra delicious bento for an extra special day.

Yakitori Bento

Bento #112 • 30 March 2007

• Flower-shaped mangoes. Mangoes are one of my favorite fruits. Especially Philippine mangoes. There’s something to be said about the sweetly refreshing luscious fleshy pulp. No other fruit comes close to it, more so in the summer when it’s in season. It feels like the sun itself smiled down on the golden colored fruit, just to bring happiness to her favorite season. One flower managed to escape, hence the grin. Prolly thinking to himself, “So long, suckers!” As if he’s truly escaped from the clutches of my teddy bear print chopsticks. HA!

• Meiji Macadamia. Another Japanese export I adore, both my mom and I are addicted to this special chocolate treat. Which is saying much since I’m not a big fan of sweets. Still, something about the tempered sweetness, smooth chocolate, and rich Macadamias has me dropping everything for a bite.

• Grilled Eggplant. Eggplants washed, sliced, then drizzled with olive oil and dusted with salt and pepper. I forgot who, but this suggestion came from someone on bentolunch. I loved how it kept the eggplants light, plump and fleshy without being too oily.

• Yakitori. Chicken barbecued Japanese-style, my yakitori’s sort of fake since I didn’t grill it over charcoal. Since there’s not much time in the mornings, I opted to grill it in the turbo broiler instead, but it’s all right since it still came out deliciously moist.

• Quail eggs in Yakitori sauce. I forgot what it’s called but I remember eating this as a child and I fell in love with it since. That’s why I usually prepare some whenever I make / order yakitori. It’s such a perfect combination, echoing the Japanese classic, Oyakodon (parent-child bowl = since it has both chicken and egg). Technically though, it’s not really oyako since how can chicken spring out of a quail egg? Maybe that’s why they’re grinning, seeing how they have us duped?

• Rice. Underneath the grilled delights in the right compartment is a bed of fluffy jasmine rice.

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