Panini & Fish Fillet Bento

Last Wednesday’s bento. It was originally planned as a light breakfast bento since we had plans to eat out that day. Actually, I was originally planning not to bring food that day but since I had already defrosted the fish, I had no choice but to cook it. Plans went awry though so I had it for lunch instead.

An extremely light lunch, since this is a kid’s bento box. ^_^;; You can expect how hungry I was a few hours later.

Panini & Fish Fillet Bento

Bento #113 • 4 April 2007


• Cheese Panini – Only packed half since I ate the other half at home. Besides, the point was light so I decided half would be enough.

• Fish Fillet – I used Asohos which is usually used for Fish Tempura. That’s what I originally wanted, but the fuss with mixing up tempura batter so early in the morning got to me. Instead, I liberally dusted the fish with salt and pepper, coated in cornstarch, then fried. It was still crispy come lunch time but the salt & pepper wasn’t enough to make it flavorful. Next time, I should marinate the fish in calamansi & patis (Philippine lemon & fish sauce) like I do with labahita (surgeonfish?) fish fillet since that overpowers the powdery taste of the cornstarch.

• Quail eggs – Easy bento filler. I keep a bunch of hardboiled ones in the fridge. Just peel and go when I need a space filler.

• Grilled cheese rolls – For some reason, my cheese keeps dripping out when I make Cheese Panini. It’s something I’ve yet to perfect. When making them, I usually end up with pools of grilled cheese on the grill plate. Not that it’s such a bad thing. The plate is non-stick so just with a few prods of my silicon scraper, I’m able to lift large layers of crispy grilled cheese. I rolled a couple up for my bento, but it’s not as good when cold. :(

• Sakura-shaped carrots – Go vitamin A! It’s good for the eyesight and god knows I have bad eyes. ^_^;;

A closer look at the fish fillet. You have to admit, it looks crisp and yummy.

Panini & Fish Fillet Bento

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