Those darned thieving eggs!

When I first encountered couscous, it was love at first bite. The interesting texture that felt like little explosions in my mouth quickly won me over, so I told myself that it was something I have to learn to cook. After searching for a few weeks, I finally located some raw couscous at Santi’s, a local delicatessen. I immediately grabbed a bag then looked up cooking instructions online. Sadly, I found it daunting, so I put it off.

Yesterday however, I decided that it was time to give it a shot, so I googled for instructions and found one that looked promising, provided that what I bought was the instant kind of couscous. Luckily, it was.

Chicken Fingers and Couscous Bento

Bento #114 • 11 April 2007

• Chicken Fingers
• A Quail Egg
• Umeboshi
• Green Peas
• Couscous cooked in Chicken broth with a bit of lemon
• A pair of thieving chicks, running off with my container of barbecue sauce

• Yakult (Lactobacilli Shirota strain drink!) It’s kind of like a yoghurt drink.
• Babybel cheese

To cook the couscous, I boiled some chicken broth then added a bit of salt and some lemon juice. Then, I took it off the flame, poured in the couscous then covered until soft and fluffy. I used roughly twice the liquid for each part of couscous.

Those thieving eggs

As I was preparing it, I was quite excited over the prospect of having packed couscous. It appears I wasn’t the only one. -_-;; A pair of thieving quail egg chicks actually tried to steal my food! Thankfully, they were so tiny they had to plan their heist, so they grabbed the sauce cup first. They figured using a toothpick to hoist it on their shoulders, ala palanquin would make it easier and it did. Too bad for them they were caught in the act. HA!

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4 Responses to Those darned thieving eggs!

  1. lee says:

    i love couscous.

  2. zyna says:

    This is a bit late, but anyway.. I love the chicks! They look so funny, you’re really creative!
    If you like couscous, have you ever tried Tabbouleh? There are different pronounciations, so I’m not really sure if this is the right one.. It’s a cold dish, much like salad, based on bulgur and it’s very refreshing. Well, I don’t know what the difference between bulgur and couscous is, because I couldn’t taste one. I actually made Tabbouleh with couscous, because I didn’t know better 😀

    • kaoko says:

      It’s never too late, thankies 😀

      I’ve been meaning to try Tabbouleh but keep forgetting when I’m at a resto. Hope I remember this time around 😀 If I like it, I’ll try it out with couscous too, since I still have some at home.

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