Pepper Fried Pork & Enoki Dake Bacon Maki Bento

Enoki dake bacon maki is something I like making. Still, it’s something I have to perfect, I’m still having problems when it comes to cooking it. I’m fine with preparing the actual rolls. In fact, this particular batch was better than usual since I’m following the guide from one of my newer Japanese cookbooks. But the cooking time. Gyeah! I used to panfry it quickly but it still left much to be desired since I felt that the mushrooms got too oily. So, I tried cooking it in the broiler but the enoki ended up burning before the bacon turned crisp. This morning, I reverted to frying but still… Back to the drawing board!

Can anyone share how they cook their versions of enoki dake bacon rolls?

Pepper Fried Pork and Enoki Dake bacon maki bento

Bento #117 • 17 April 2007

• Enoki dake bacon maki
• Grapes
• Tonkatsu Sauce
• Pineapple tidbits
• Pepper Fried Pork
• Steamed Chicharo (Snow Peas)
• Rice under everything
• Sakura flower cut-outs from carrots

This is the first time I prepared a bento using frozen rice. Success! Methinks I’ll be freezing rice + microwaving more often, it sure beats prepping the rice cooker when I wake up in the mornings.

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