Spicy Tuyo Pasta & Stuffed Tomato Bento

Anybody know where they sell time? I’d like to buy a couple of days so I can catch up with sleep and all the things I love doing, bento included. This was last Wednesday’s lunch, my sched is that tight lately that I can’t even do a simple bento update. Oh well. Life blows sometimes.

Spicy Tuyo Pasta Bento

Bento #118 • 18 April 2007
• Tomatoes stuffed with kani and cream cheese. Cut the tomatoes into cups using a sharp knife (no special tools needed :D), scoop out the insides, then stuff with a mix of shredded imitation crab stick and cream cheese. Do pat down the crab sticks so they’re dry, otherwise, it’s going to be messy.• Umeboshi, Japanese pickled plum.

• Steamed Snow Peas. Nuked for 30 seconds in a microwave mini-steamer.

• Mango cubes. It’s mango season in the Philippines so it’s time to enjoy the golden fruity goodness. I love mangoes. Isn’t it obvious?

• Spicy Tuyo Pasta, garnished with a tomato flower–in reality the cap I removed from the stuffed tomato. It’s a simple throw everything in a pan fresh tomato pasta recipe. It’s just that I use tuyo a lot since it’s very easy, especially when I’m doing a bento-sized serving but ground chicken is also very good. This time though, I also added sundried tomatoes since we had a bottle and I love it. The simplest food philosophy to adhere to: eat what you want 😛

Create your own version with the recipe here.

It was an enjoyable meal, even though I had to wolf it down since we were due to rush to a meeting. The stuffed tomato, however, I relished since it was so yummy. Now I wonder whether it would’ve been a good idea to add a few pieces of mango to the mix.

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