Bistek Tagalog Bento—TAKE 3!

I love bistek, that’s why it’s a guarantee that I’ll overeat whenever my mom cooks it. When we have leftovers, you’re sure to see it in my bento the next day. Last Sunday, my mom cooked some. So you have a fairly good idea what was in my bento yesterday. We usually serve bistek with fried potato slices, but since we were all out, I threw in a couple of korokke in my bento instead.

Bento 125: Bistek Tagalog

Bento #125 • 21 May 2007


• Beef and Potato Korokke. My first attempt to make homemade korokke, it was a success if I do say so myself. It’s simple enough but all that dredging, dipping, and dusting can be a bit tedious. I recommend making them in bulk, then freezing. Next project: Cream Korokke!

• A small Polka Dot—Love me little, love me long!–container of kewpie mayonnaise. My preferred korokke dip.

• Imitation Kani (crab) sticks. One of my freezer staples.

• Sliced kiwi fruit. For some reason, the kiwi fruit I got was on the pale side. It was more white than green. It looked like ordinary kiwi when I bought it at the store. It was only after I peeled it did I see the pale flesh. It looks more like white onions than kiwi. Weirdness. Anybody know why? Is this a special kiwi fruit variant?

• Bistek Tagalog over rice. A classic Filipino dish, Bistek Tagalog (Beef Steak Tagalog, named for the Philippines’ Tagalog Region) is slices of beef that’s marinated in soy sauce and calamansi (Philippine lemon) that’s sautéed and simmered in the marinade. To top it off, fresh onion rings are added to the dish when it’s almost done.

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13 Responses to Bistek Tagalog Bento—TAKE 3!

  1. commoi says:

    Ah so that’s what those purple and white rings are! I think it is a simple yet interesting arrangement.

    • kaoko says:

      Personally, I prefer more onions. 😀 But bento aesthetics not to mention concern for my post-lunch breath was foremost in my mind, hehe.

      I did make sure to brush my teeth and use some mouthwash afterwards though 😀

      • Jino Turtlegod says:

        wondering how this would look with white onions. though personally i prefer the regular kind as the white ones aren’t as tasty.

      • kaoko says:

        Less colorful I guess. I like the bright splash of color the red ones add. And yeah, red onions still better.

  2. lalalady7 says:

    ah so wonderful today!

  3. edelw3iss says:

    omg i love bistek!

  4. kaoko says:

    @lalalady7 and edelw3iss:
    Thanks 😀 I wish my mom made more though, I wanted to make bistek onigiri ^_^;;

  5. Gaby says:

    Oh my gosh, that looks absolutely divine.

    (And in case you’re wondering, I fell in love with your bento posts on bento_lunch. Had to keep clicking. *blushes*)

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  7. Mimi says:

    It’s a golden kiwi.

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