Green Dip and Spam!

Okay. So there’s no actual SPAM here, but it felt more Dr. Seuss-y than Green Dip in Nuggets, right? I guess it’s only natural to associate Dr. Seuss with this particular meal since it’s (1) green and (2) nursery rhyme-y enough to fit in with Shrek.

What’s with all this green food anyway? Well, this month, Mc Donald’s came out with another movie-tie up, this time with Shrek 3. Like with their previous Cars promotion, this tie up revolved around Chicken McNuggets. Shrek green dip? And Shrek green soda float? I knew I had to try it.

Shrek McNuggets Meal

My Shrek meal included 5 Chicken McNuggets, Green Honey Mustard dip, regular fries, and a glass of Shrek Green Apple Float. While the Chicken McNuggets and Fries were as good as ever—sue me, I love McNuggets—I was holding my breath about the Shrek dip.

I usually eat my McNuggets with Barbecue Sauce, but during the Cars McNuggets promotion, I’d occasionally order Nugget Lubricant (Honey Mustard Dip) as well. How can you go wrong with Honey Mustard, right? This time around though, despite knowing it was just Honey Mustard with a few drops of food coloring, a part of me was still wondering whether there would be any weird flavors.

And true enough, I found it a bit sourer and less sweet than the usual Honey Mustard dip. I don’t know if they changed the formula, but it’s more likely that it’s just my perception. My brain probably made the “Green! Citrus!” association so I was tasting more sour than I should. Course, if you guys think it’s more than my wonky brain, feel free to correct me. Heaven knows it would be reassuring to know that I’m not a shallow person who judges food by its appearance.

The Green Apple Soda Float was—an acquired taste. My officemate Javi ordered one as well and found it weird. Like a Sprite float, only weirder. I had to agree. After a few more sips though, I found my tastebuds adjusting to the flavor and it tasted more like a milkshake with fizzies. I still prefer Rootbeer floats, but the Shrek float wasn’t half bad.

I didn’t find myself turning green, having indigestion, or burping incessantly afterwards so I guess it was a happy ending. And I did enjoy eating my food, not only for the novelty factor, but also because it was a good meal. Still, it would’ve been a happier meal if I got a free toy.

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9 Responses to Green Dip and Spam!

  1. surrealistic says:

    that is alot of green O.O;

    why don’t we have it down here? (.__.);;;
    Although haven’t eaten Macca’s for ages

    • kaoko says:

      Quite disturbing, really, seeing that the green is bright instead of the usual veggie colored green that’s more usual with food.

  2. skysenshi says:

    i experimented with this also because the green intrigued me. hahahaha! but those apple and bubblegum flavored drinks are actually just sprite and then they put some colored flavors in it.

    i enjoyed my meal though. XD

  3. lalalady7 says:

    wow we def dont have that here in the states, but i dont think i would be brave enough to try it lol

  4. kaoko says:

    It was fun, wasn’t it? Pretending you’re eating goo and slime feels so back to childhood, hwehwe.

    It wasn’t released there? Funny, I thought the idea came from there, what with all the merchandising and movie cross-marketing. You’re not missing much taste-wise, but it sure was fun, playing with your foodwise 😀

  5. Naomi says:

    in heaven and eggs, they have green eggs and ham.

    i think that they recreated the dr. seuss classic by putting in some potatoes with the eggs and adding food coloring so it looks like that.

  6. u8mypinkcookies says:

    We tried that before, although the dip tastes okay, i didnt find the color appetizing 😛 i still love the sweet & sour or BBQ sauce for my mcdo nuggets and fries!

    • kaoko says:

      If you can get past the color, I think it’s worth it. Have to agree though, I prefer barbecue sauce on my chicken nuggets, but honey mustard comes a close second.

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