A Tribute to the Kraken

Yo ho ho ho, the pirate’s life for me. Or so it feels like it probably until my Pirates of the Caribbean excitement dies down. As it is, I feel so annoyed because we didn’t sit through the bits after the credits since John and I had no idea there was still a short vid after it. If someone can point me to where I can watch the said ending part, I’d be truly grateful.

That said, I’ve no piratey bento to present. If you’d like to see some however, the nice ladies at bentochallenge have a whole slew of them from last week.

So, what’s with this piratey themed post anyway? Well, after watching At World’s End a few hours ago, I was reminded of something I wanted to blog about but kept forgetting. So in honor of the Kraken (who has sadly moved on :( ), I present…

Frito Lay’s Takoyaki Balls!

Frito Lay’s Takoyaki Snack

Yes folks! Our Japanese friends aren’t satisfied with just snacking on octopus, they’ve made a snack inspired by an octopus snack! I, for one, am happy however, because Lay’s Takoyaki snack is really yummy!

Frito Lay’s Takoyaki Snack

This Takoyaki snack measures around 1-inch in diameter and has the texture of Planter’s Cheeseballs: light, airy, and very crunchy. It tastes sour and salty with just a hint of sweetness. It’s like takoyaki, complete with kewpie mayo taste! No pleasantly gummy octopus texture here, but still, it’s a yummy snack we can’t get enough of. Just ask Cla, who happily stole took my bag from me, as soon as she spotted it.

Want to try it? Manila-based readers can get some for PHP68 at Co-op at Creekside Mall on Amorsolo St. Makati–that’s where I buy mine–while a quick Googling showed that US-based readers can order some from Think Tokyo.

Is it worth the price? Aaaaarrrrr!

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6 Responses to A Tribute to the Kraken

  1. amvn says:

    Eeeeee! Me want that sooooo bad!!! XD

  2. YUE says:

    Yeeeeees thats really really good!
    1 of my most fav snacks! Kya~~~

  3. kaoko says:

    @amvn and YUE
    I hate myself. Why did I have to post about it? Now it I want some too. T_T

  4. Leki says:

    Waah, i wubsh takoyaki! Unfortunately, all the stalls I’ve been to recently were disappointments. :( But I’m curious about this; will be grabbing some soon when I drop by Coop hehe!

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