Lemon Pasta & Veggie Beef Roll Bento

It seems all easy and quick bentos for me lately. Easily understandable because of the sleep inducing weather we’ve been having lately. This is probably the closest I’ll get to speed bento: it was a simple boil the pasta, sear and glaze the asparagus affair.

Lemon Pasta & Beef Veggie Roll Bento

Bento #129 • 31 May 2007

• Grapes
• Beef, Asparagus & Carrot Rolls, an updated version of my favorite Gyu Asupara Maki. It’s easy to make and is a good addition to any bento. Click the link for a how-to.
• Quick Lemon Pasta, adapted from Little Yuzu’s recipe. Her usual recipe calls for basil but ever since my little herb garden died, no more easily accessible fresh herbs for me.
• Green Tea Macha Chocolate Sticks

Lemon Pasta

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5 Responses to Lemon Pasta & Veggie Beef Roll Bento

  1. lalalady7 says:

    quick and simple bento’s are still delicious! and I can understand about the sleep induced weather I can just zzzzzzz the morning away

  2. kathy says:


  3. kaoko says:

    @lalalady7 and kathy
    I have to agree, it was yummy 😀 I was happily munching away at the veggie rolls come lunchtime 😀

  4. toni says:

    THIS is Bento ♥ ♥ ♥ !!!

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