Sweet, Gooey and Fruity!

SanFo Treats owner Rochelle comments below:
“The 16-25 ft dessert buffet is much different because we have milk, white and dark chocolate, strawberry cream, caramel fountains, assortment of dips, wedding fondant cakes, cupcakes, brownies, other pastries, hawaiian snow creams (cones) etc. the list goes on and on.” Interested? Call SanFo Treats at (632)628-2993 or 0927-4637248. Thanks Maita for the heads up and Rochelle for the additional info

Fruit is good for you. It’s chockfull of phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals, and fiber too. Fruit is healthy. Of course, I have to wonder whether it still is, after being smothered in caramel and chocolate. But then, when faced with a chocolatey caramel apple, there’s no recourse but to throw caution to the winds and bite in.

SanFo Caramel Apples

I admit. I don’t have a sweet tooth. But when faced with a wide display case of colorful, toothsome, albeit sweet looking goodies, how can I not stop and stare? Such was the case when we passed SanFo treats, a caramel apple store.

SanFo Caramel Apples

Yes, yes. I know that caramel apples aren’t anything new. But here in Manila, caramel apples aren’t so common. While apples have become much much cheaper than when I was growing up in the 80s, making caramel dipped apples never caught on. So, it’s understandable why SanFo, with its gamut of rainbow colored treats attract all who pass by. John and I were no exception.

SanFo Caramel Apples

We had a hard time choosing. John went for something that looked awfully sweet. When we asked the friendly sales person what it was, she said it was caramel, nuts, and nutella. NUTELLA! Despite all the tempting looking selections, I opted for something simple. It was called a Cosmopolitan (I think!). It was an apple double dipped in caramel and chocolate, then decorated with white swirls. Still, because we spent the rest of the evening shopping for other stuff, we decided to take our apples home instead.

SanFo Caramel Apples

My caramel apple greeted me first thing in the morning as I approached our dining table for breakfast. I figured the sugar rush wouldn’t hurt so I grabbed a knife and sliced away so I could share the apple with my mom.

SanFo Caramel Apples

At first glance, I figured it would be overly sweet. To my surprise, I was pleasantly disappointed as I bit into a perfect tasting mix of fruity with just a small dose of chocolate-y sweet. The apple–I’m guessing it’s a fuji apple–was juicy and crunchy. It was a perfectly munchy apple, coated with a layer of caramel then a layer of chocolate that was smooth and creamy, without overpowering the apple taste. Even my mom, who easily sweet things too sweet, found it delicious.

So was I convinced of SanFo Caramel Apples’ goodness? Well, with sweets this delightful, I may turn into a dessert person yet.

SanFo Treats has branches at Glorietta, Megamall, Fun Ranch, and The Block SM North Edsa.

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34 Responses to Sweet, Gooey and Fruity!

  1. Leki says:

    Oooh…yeah I think I saw a stall in Megamall. I’ve been curious but it was so big! how much for 1 apple?

  2. Leki says:

    wait…bananas? are there chocolate bananas?????

  3. toni says:

    oh those look so delicious!!!! my teeth are begging me not to take a bite into those apples but but but temptation’s too strong…

  4. YUE says:

    I saw them too!! & I was thinking… “Whats that big thing anyway!! Looks too sweet!! XD ”
    I’ll give it a try!! That looks good for my blog enties!! hehehe!

  5. kaoko says:

    Yes, they have B-A-N-A-N-A-S Bananas! (Shut up Gwen Stefani. Aaaargh!)

    @toni & YUE
    I thought they’d be too sweet too, I just couldn’t resist the blog factor. But really, the apple part more than balances the sweet part. Surprisingly, the caramel wasn’t deadly sweet. I’d buy again next chance I get. 😀

  6. shev says:

    I saw this somewhere! Glorietta? ATC? I forgot.
    I wanted to buy some kaso we were in a hurry at that time. I love apples and i love chocolates! Ayan tuloy, ginugutom mo ako!

  7. mahek says:

    its always great to read your site and to see your photos.
    I have replied on my blog pls read it
    knowing my love for bento blogs and my quest of different types of cuisine my brother has gifted me a book featuring Japanese food.now i will know more about japanese food although i might not be able to cook it because of the lack of ingredients in india.
    so what do you cook for your day to day food at home.
    i know you have a lot of rice and what else.

  8. nib says:

    kelan pa yung fav icon sa address bar? nice ^^

  9. kaoko says:

    Thank you. We eat a lot of stuff. Manila is a melting pot of cultures so we get exposed to food from different countries. Comes with living in the city I guess.

    Yesterday 😀 It’s from Icon Buffet.

  10. maita says:

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed the Caramel apples.

    Check out their 20 ft Dessert Buffet table — offered for special occasions. They make it look so pretty and definitely yummy!

  11. kaoko says:

    Me as well! Please do share if you have info 😀

  12. mahek says:

    you have lovely boxes for your next post.
    you know coincidently Today i saw a program on television which has the concept of showing one country at a time for 1 hour.
    and today it was Japan , I saw tokyo and other cities on the discovery channel and saw their food too
    quite interesting
    bye more later

  13. maita says:

    Hi Lorraine and Kaoko,

    Please call Rochelle, the Sanfo treats owner, at (632) 628-2993 or 0927-4637248. They have a variety of party packages for Weddings, debuts, children’s parties, etc.
    She sent me online pictures from the Kodak gallery since I am currently out of the country. I am definitely choosing her to do the dessert buffet table in my Wedding anniversary party.

  14. aoitenshi says:

    Whoa! Everything in that kiosk looks hella good! Man my sweet tooth is tingling! I better check that out. :)

  15. kaoko says:

    Thanks for the info. Will add to post. :)

    Make sure to insert it in your date itinerary 😛 My occasional sweet tooth resurfaced, after tasting their caramel apples. It’s now one of the sweets I occasionally crave, along with Krispy Kremes, Hershey’s Plain Chocolate bars & Andes Creme de Menthe.

  16. Rochelle says:

    From SanFo Treats

    Hey, nice write up!!! Thanks so much. We love it when people love our products. To answer some of the questions, we also have frozen bananas, comes in pure chocolate, swirled with white choco, peanut, caramel and candy sprinkles. Tastes like posicles but healthier. We have devil’s peak rice crispy treats ( strawberry rice crispy center, dunked in chocolate and topped with all sorts of goodies and our oreo s’mores. They are marshmallows covered in caramel and chocolate and toppings. thats what we offer in our kiosks.

    The 16-25 ft dessert buffet is much different because we have milk, white and dark chocolate, strawberry cream, caramel fountains, assortment of dips, wedding fondant cakes, cupcakes, brownies, other pastries, hawaiian snow creams (cones) etc. the list goes on and on. Without sounding like an infommercial! he he. Thanks to those that have tried our goodies. We hope you come back for more. We are now open in Glorietta, Megamall, Fun Ranch and The Block SM North Edsa. thanks!

    • kaoko says:

      Thanks Rochelle! If you have pictures and stuff, I’d be glad to post them up. I’ve noticed a fair amount of interest in SanFo treats, judging by the hits.

      Personally, I’m planning to drop by your Glorietta store next time I’m in the area. How I wish you had a branch in the South. ^_^;;

      • rochelle says:

        Dear Kaoko,

        we do have plans to set up in the south! I’ll keep you posted!

        SanFo Treats

      • kaoko says:

        That’s great news 😀 <3 <3 <3
        *crosses fingers that it's at ATC*

        Despite working in Makati, I avoid Glorietta whenever I can 😛

  17. abby says:

    aah, i share the same sentiments. not much of a sweet tooth but when exposed to pretty, sweet little things, i cave in.

    *sorry for the sudden flood of comments, i’m trying to catch up*

  18. Teddycapz says:

    Last June 23, SanFo Treats owner Rochelle Santiago a.k.a. Mrs. Gerald Javier (they just got married last April thus the business is still under her maiden name) and staff provided a truly splendid dessert corner for my youngest son’s seventh birthday celebration – with candy sprinkled caramel apples using Granny Smiths, Belgian chocolate fountain with an extensive array of dipping goodies, Hawaiian snowcone station with three flavors, apple bobbing games and all. This lavish spread really helped to make the event extra memorable, and my wife and I got a lot of raves from guests for it.

    Who would have thought I’d end up as a most satisfied customer of SanFo Treats after a rather unpleasant first encounter with one of their Glorietta store staff (now relieved, I’ve been told). Perhaps because I was level-headed enough to give them the benefit of the doubt and there’s no regrets whatsoever that I did? Take note: the operative term here is BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT.

    To Rochelle: as I’ve mentioned in our last talk, a good product coupled with great service will speak for itself. Just stay unpertubed by the entry of other players in your field – remember, imitation is the best form of flattery. Plus the competition will work to your advantage by giving your product concept more exposure to your target market. Don’t worry about the smear campaign – just do your usual best and let God do the rest.

    Besides, you have us your truly satisfied customers to keep them propaganda ghouls at bay, hehe…

    • kaoko says:

      It’s good to hear rave reviews about their catering service. I’ve been interested in it as well, but then, I’ve no reason to throw a party—yet.

      You’ll be happy to know that the Glorietta salesperson I encountered when I made my purchase was very nice and helpful, even offering suggestions as to what I may like. She was also very informative and answered my questions pleasantly.

      Forwarded your comment to SanFo as well, I’m sure they’ll be pleased to hear about how satisfied you are about their product and service.

  19. karen says:

    I tried SanFo treats, and it tastes so good..I bought it sa Glorietta,meron pala sa Megamall..pero saan?what floor?Please tell me..thanks!=)

  20. sanfo lover says:

    Hey gals/guys!

    Just wanted to share some exciting news about SANFO TREATS! They are now selling their original and yummy tea cakes at their newest addition to their ever growing family of kiosks: a Dessert Bar/cafe in Ermita.

    Sanfo treats offers about 6 different flavors of tea cakes. Two of my favorites are Rose and Lavender. These flavors are truly reminiscent of gourmet cafes in San Francisco.

    Please do stop by and enjoy the San Francisco memorabilia, a cup or two of coffee/tea and of course the treats with your friends and loved ones.

    See you there!

    Sanfo lover

    • kaoko says:

      Thanks for the tip. It’s good to know they’re successful enough to expand. It would be nice if they open shop somewhere South though. Rochelle mentioned something in the works but it would be nice if it’s like that Dessert Bar / Cafe you mentioned.

  21. Sanfo lover says:

    Yeah, that is a great idea! Lets mention it to Rochelle!

  22. Rouchelle says:

    I never had food tasting pa with SanFo pero I already booked them for my wedding.. yipeeee!

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