“I just love Korean Beef Stew” Bento

We received a call from my cousin last Saturday, inviting us to a potluck surprise party for his mom. While my mom was partial to buying something ready-made, I suggesting cooking a large amount of my Korean Beef Stew instead. Because she’s a fan of this particular Beef Stew as well, she quickly said yes.

Actually, I had an ulterior motive for making the suggestion. It was all fueled by a craving for said dish the past few weeks. So, yay, finally. I made a point to save at least one serving for bento use before we took the pot to the party, where it turned out to be a big hit. Can you say, uber-flattered? ^_^;;

Korean Beef Stew Bento

Bento #134 • 19 June 2007

• Korean Beef Stew on top of rice. Added more sesame seeds and chopped spring onions on the stew. This was supposed to be the ultimate test for my Thermos thermal bento. Sadly, it didn’t keep the food as warm as I wanted, even though I made sure to pre-heat the container the same way you do vacuum coffee flasks. Still, the food stayed warm enough so that the fat didn’t congeal. That would’ve totally turned me off eating.

Overall, enjoyable meal, especially with the bean sprout side dish but being because I was able to microwave my previous Korean Beef Stew bentos, I had a high standard that this one didn’t quite reach. Because really, nothing beats steaming hot Korean Beef Stew with fresh chopped spring onions. (Recipe here.)

• Sauteed bean sprouts. I love serving these with Korean Beef Stew because it makes such a lovely, complementary match. This time, I used a cookie cutter to shape the green and red peppers into little flowers, just for the cute.

Sauteed Bean Sprouts v. 19 June 2007
Serves one.

1 cup bean sprouts, washed and drained
1/4 cup diced red and green bell peppers
1 tbsp oil
1 tbsp oyster sauce

Sauté red and green bell peppers in oil. When lightly cooked, throw in bean sprouts and cook until slightly wilted. Add oyster sauce and sauté a bit more, until just done.

• Canned mandarin segments with a little Hello Kitty sauce cup of more chopped spring onions. Yes, for fresh spring onion flavor on my “donburi.” You can see how much I love the combination, don’t you?

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12 Responses to “I just love Korean Beef Stew” Bento

  1. bea says:

    yum! that looks really good!

  2. JMom says:

    Oh I love that Korean stew/bbq! I really gotta get me some decent bento boxes :)

  3. kaoko says:

    So, should we have a Korean cook-off? 😀

    Hehe, good luck! Bento boxes are addictive, I discovered, after buying my 15th or so. ^_^;; The thing is, most of the people in the bentolunch communities are addicted to collecting bento boxes as well 😛

    You’re based in the states right? If there’s a Daiso or a Mitsuwa nearby, they’re good sources of cheap boxes. Ebay sellers charge too much!

  4. sidney says:

    i’ll be checking this site everyday…

    i dunno why… 😀

  5. toni says:

    that looks fantastic!!! i super duper love korean beef stew. aaaaah.

  6. kaoko says:

    Please do 😀 I’ll do my best to update more often.

    Try it, promise, it’s super easy. It takes hours but then, you can leave it unattended so it’s no hassle.

  7. Dona says:

    Hihi~ I really really love your blog… I’ve been reading quite a bit these last couple of weeks, and you’ve inspired me to make my own bento~! All your bentos look so delicious, I hope I can do that well one day ^__^ I’m totally trying out some of your recipes ^__^

    Just one question… how do you make those cute flowers? Is it some sort of cutter? And where can you buy it? Thanks~ ^___^

    • kaoko says:

      Hi Dona!

      Glad you’re enjoying the site. It makes my efforts worthwhile 😀 I’m working on a bento guide, hope to finish it soon. Hope that’ll be of use. I have a list of good bento resources on the linkages page too, they’ll be of great help as well.

      I make the flowers with stainless steel vegetable cutters but if you don’t have access to them, steel cookie cutters or sharp plastic cutters are just as good. The set I use (pictured with spam on this post: http://www.kitchencow.com/2007/05/29/mini-onigiri-singkamas-with-kiamoy-powder-bento/)
      can be bought at Japanese groceries / Asian stores. They’re really cheap so I suggest searching first before ordering online. When all else fails though, there’s always Amazon– there’s also a link to the one on amazon in the same post.

      • Dona says:

        Haha~ My bad for not checking some of your posts more thoroughly~! But thanks so much ^__^ When I get a chance to go to China Town, I’ll definitely keep an eye out for them – they are so cute~! ^__^

        Oh, now I’m really looking forward to your bento guide~!! I can’t wait ^__^ Thanks so much, and I’ll be sure to check out the links~

      • kaoko says:

        No probbies at all! Other than me, I can’t imagine anyone else who’d go through all the entries that carefully. ;P Hope you can find some.

  8. Felna Cervantes says:

    First time on this site. Awesome would love to see more recipes and comments!!!

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