Ham Sandwich & Tattooed Apples Bento

Sammie love! I love sandwiches. Making them. Eating them. Sticking them in a panini press and watching them die a slow, pain—oops. Sorry about that. While sticking a ham sandwich in a panini press sounds like a good idea, a sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes isn’t, so I opted for an ordinary unpressed one instead, even if my panini press’s dying for some action. Fret not, Mr. Panini Press, I shall use you this weekend.

For now though, I have a nice, fresh sandwich and fruit on the side. Very healthy, especially if you manage to skip looking at the yummy, fried korokke in between. 😛

Ham Sandwich Bento

Bento #137 • 27 June 2007

• Ham sandwich. Ham, iceberg lettuce, plum tomatoes, and cheese on ciabatta dressed with Kewpie mayonnaise. This is actually just half a sandwich because I noticed my mom poking around when I was assembling my sandwich so I gamely offered her half. My sandwich half was sliced again then laid on its side, bento-style. For some reason, Japanese housewives position sandwiches in bento this way. At first, I thought it was merely aesthetic. But when the time came to eat, I realized it does have some merit to it, because the sandwich was more manageable to eat. Also, it didn’t become soggy despite my addition of unseeded tomatoes, thanks to the juice dripping to the bottom of the box, instead of the lower bread slice.

• Cream Korokke. Still the store-bought frozen kind. I hope I find time to make home-made cream korokke soon. The little tub in front has kewpie mayonnaise.

• Fuji Apple slices, resting on a tub of Nutella. Notice the printing on the Fuji Apples? According to the seller, the apples are imprinted with a special kind of light that not only prints, but also sterilizes the apples. Pretty cool huh? See more of the apples, as well as other stuff from MAFBEX 2007 here. I threw in a popsicle stick as well, so I can spread the Nutella on the apples easier. Lovely idea, don’t you think?


I made a mini-bento for my mom as well. It contained half my sandwich, plus a couple of cream korokke and some kewpie mayonnaise.

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14 Responses to Ham Sandwich & Tattooed Apples Bento

  1. june says:

    hi chrissie! last weel pa ko nagsimulang mag visit sa food blog mo…at talaga namang nakakatuwa ang posts mo…picture pa lang busog na ko…hehehe…

  2. kaoko says:

    Hahaha, when I saw my real name, I knew it had to be someone I know from real life so I checked the admin panel at once…

    JUNE!!! *hugs hugs hugs* How are you? Miss you muchies. Sige, I’ll make time and write you a long email later, heehee.

  3. mistri says:

    Are the Korokke/Croquettes good to eat cold then? May be tempted to make some/buy some if so!

    And the food all looks lovely :)

  4. Drew says:

    Panini O_o the most memorable baon that I had at school. It’s the first baon my mom made me on my first day in Prep school. It made such an impression because… we’ll here was the scenario XD

    Mom: Good Luck on your first day at school! I made you a BLT Panini Sandwich.

    —during recess—

    Classmate: What are you eating?

    Me: Mom called it a Funny Sandwich. XD

  5. kaoko says:

    I think it’s going to be a matter of preference. I still like korokke best when it’s warm since it’s nice and crispy. It tends to get soggy when packed in a bento, but the nice thing about cream korokke is it’s so creamy, it’s like biting into a mashed potato in finger food form. It doesn’t get as soggy if you let it cool before packing (less condensation, I guess) but it’s not quite the same. Still, with the amount of Japanese prepared bentos I see online that has korokke, I think it’s safe to say that the slight sogginess is acceptable.

    It’s not just Panny, it’s extra panny by virtue of the other Ni 😛

  6. karen says:

    that’s a pretty nice bento! wonder where you got your bento box, as well as the container for the nutella? i’m still at this stage where i buy almost any bento style box that i liked when i see. :)

    seeing that picture of the cream korokke reminds me that i need to visit haatchin soon. :)

    • kaoko says:

      All boxes featured today are from Daiso 88 Peso Store / Japan Home Center 😀 Well, except the Hello Kitty Sauce cups, I had to buy that off ebay.ph but the Marie box, the sandwich box (it’s really identified as a sandwich bento box :P) and the Polka-dot sauce boxes are all from Daiso at ATC.

      And I can relate with the mad-mad bento box shopping. I think I bought 19 before I stopped. And even after that, I still picked up a couple but at least I had some sort of self-control after the 19th 😛

  7. lalalady7 says:

    Oh this bento is very wonderful! the apple is very pretty I think I have seen them before but did not know what the carving was for. I miss croquettes =( maybe I should buy some later today =) lol and the sandwhich looks filling even though its only half of a half! the ham is so thick! lol=D
    Cant wait to bento again soon I hope!

    • kaoko says:

      Thankies much 😀 The apple isn’t a carving actually, it’s just a light treatment that changed parts of the apple’s skin color. It’s pretty flat.

      The ham, I sliced myself from a largish block so I was able to slice it thick 😛 Tastier that way 😀 And I do hope you get back to bentoing. I miss looking at your yummy looking ones 😀

  8. toni says:

    It looks great! As usual. Why am I not surprised? 😀

    • kaoko says:

      Thanks Toni 😀 Must warn you though, continual support & praise inflates my ego, which can eventually transform me into bento monster. *rawr*

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  11. mrs y says:

    kweesee! stumbled onto your blog (again) while looking for bento baon ideas. i didn’t realize you’ve been doing this bento thing for a while now, hahaha! i’m super new at this and was thinking of doing it for my soon to be gone 5-yo lunchmate, as he will soon take lunch at school *sigh* i tried bento-ing sinigang (hahaha!) but wasn’t v successful as it became quite a mess v soon! how do u suggest i start? any newbie healthy meals i could try? i noticed a lot of hotdogs and processed meats that we don’t use kasi posted online.

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