10-Minute Bento

I think I should get an award for this one, if only for speed. Ten minutes, tops. Not as fast as Biggie’s uber-fast speed bentos, but by my standards, ten minutes is pretty fast.

Pesto Pasta Bento

Bento #138 • 2 July 2007

– Tri-colore Fusilli with Sundried Tomato Pesto
– Carrot sticks with bottled Blue Cheese Dressing
– Canned Mandarin orange segments

How did this morning’s speed bento get together?
1. Boil water for pasta.
2. Search for Lock & Lock bento with dividers.
3. Fill a small plastic cup with bottled Blue Cheese dressing. Seal with plastic wrap.
4. Add salt and oil to water. Throw in a handful of pasta.
5. Wash, peel, wash then slice carrots into sticks.
6. Place canned mandarin segments in other compartment.
7. Search for bottle of Sundried Tomato Pesto.
8. Drain pasta. Add pesto.
9. Toss in box.
10. Shoot 😀

Not too hot about the photo, but the morning’s rush didn’t leave me much room to tweak photo settings. Will make up with you guys with better pictures next time. Not to mention a pair of inimitable guest bloggers making their appearance next week. 😀

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8 Responses to 10-Minute Bento

  1. Biggie says:

    Hey, 10 minutes IS fast!!! Nothing to sneeze at. :-)

  2. Drew says:

    What I don’t like in food preparation is it takes minutes to get the work done, but it only gets eaten in a matter of seconds…wish it was the other way around…. hehe

  3. toni says:

    Where do you get these great containers?

    • kaoko says:

      This one in particular is a Lock & Lock box from SM 😀 I always keep my eyes peeled for boxes that I can use for bento so I raid stores like Daiso & Japan Home, but also department stores like SM and Landmark. Of course, since school just started, there are a lot of different kinds of lunchboxes for sale everywhere too.

  4. Naomi says:

    how japanese housewives do onigiri in a couple of minutes and make it still look good is very great!

    • kaoko says:

      The onigiri is easy…it’s the bento packing which takes time. 😛

      Still, not to discount their skill, they have really deft hands because I have to admit, it’s difficult handling hot rice.

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