Adobo Salad Wraps Bento

Massive bento backlog for me. Today’s post is actually a bento from last Tuesday. I had a bento for each day of last week. Quite a record, I think the only other times I managed that was when I was new to this bento thing and was quite enthusiastic about trying out new things.

Anyway, last Tuesday’s was an experiment with leftovers. I saw Chef Tristan from the local early morning TV show Unang Hirit whip up something similar, but I couldn’t remember the ingredients. I do remember the use of adobo and yogurt so I figured I’ll wing it from there.

Adobo Salad Wraps Bento

Bento #141 • 5 July 2007

• Adobo salad wraps. Flaked adobo, chopped onions, minced hardboiled egg, and chopped apples, mixed with yogurt then a dash of salt and pepper to taste. Then, rolled on pita with some iceberg lettuce.

Verdict? The salad was just so and so. I felt like something was missing, and that the yogurt came on too strong. Chef Tristan recommended using Mango Yogurt since he says the mango goes well with the adobo and I just might do that, IF I decide to give this another shot. I would love to have his actual recipe; did anybody else catch that show? I feel like I missed something, ingredient-wise.

• More adobo salad. I didn’t want to overload my wraps.

• Green tea-filled Marshmallows. Da return of da comeback! Finally, Makati Supermarket has decided to restock these little treats. Hoard bags of them, I did.

• Half a hardboiled bear egg. The other half, I included in the salad. Sadly, this egg broke while cooking, hence the ugly scar on his chin. Still, it adds character, you know? “Imma Grizzleh Bear. Ph34r meh!”

• Cherry Tomatoes

• Fuji apples

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2 Responses to Adobo Salad Wraps Bento

  1. lalalady7 says:

    this bento is ADORABLE i just love ur bento style, its never too crowded or cutesy. You have a gift for arranging! =D

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