Morcon Bento

Some dishes don’t need to be prettified for bento. They’re naturally colorful and attractive, no additional decoration needed. One such thing is the traditional Filipino dish, Morcon. Popularly served during feasts, it’s basically a beef rolled with other food items (hotdogs, hardboiled eggs, pickles, to name a few). When sliced, it looks both appetizing and colorful, adapting itself to bento quite beautifully.

Morcon Bento

Bento #143 • 9 July 2007

• Morcon slices. I had to reheat them in the microwave so it looked a bit dry afterwards. Still, it was every bit as yummy as the freshly cooked kind. Click here to view my Barrio Fiesta Lasang Pinoy entry on Morcon. Recipe included.

• Fried Rice. Once again, a throw everything that looks yummy into the wok mix. For color and a little spice, I added sliced Jalapenos.

• Plum Tomato quarters

• Steamed asparagus spears

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5 Responses to Morcon Bento

  1. toni says:

    Oi! That looks real good! Do you bring these bentos to work? And if so, don’t your officemates die of envy? Hehehe.

    • kaoko says:

      Yef. These are honest-to-goodness baon 😀 And they don’t die of envy because I share. One of my officemates, an art director, is especially supportive even, helping me think of ideas when I want to do artistic bento.

  2. care_chan says:

    That looks absolutely delicious! I’m ravenous from just looking at it.

  3. lalalady7 says:

    this is very beautiful naturally! good job, the photo and choice of box color makes everything look great! Magazine worthy!

  4. kaoko says:

    @care_chan and lalalady7
    Thank you so much 😀

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