Salad Monster Bento

For kids, one of the big problems during bedtime is the proverbial monster hiding under the bed. My problem, on the other hand, is the monster under my salad!


Bento #144 • 17 July 2007

I wasn’t planning to go all cutesy with this bento. It was just supposed to be a simple hamburger lunch. While I was putting it together in my brain though, I thought, “Hey, why not turn the patties into eyes?”

Much later though, as I was putting it together, my mom wandered into the kitchen and said, “Is that supposed to be Grover?” That sealed it, monster it is! To complete the look, I included a monster hand sticking out at the corner using little bread snacks. It doesn’t look much like a hand but I like it because it was really part of the lunch and not something I added just to complete the look.


• Mashed potatoes. Reheated from frozen.

From our Tip Jar
I learned something new with this bento—mashed potatoes freeze well. This is actually a small amount of leftover mashed potatoes from a few days before. I dumped it on cling wrap, molded, wrapped, then froze. To reheat, I just peeled the plastic off, placed the log on a microwave-safe dish, then nuked on high for 2 minutes. Good as fresh!

• Mini-burgers. Ground beef mixed with salt and pepper then seared in butter. 100% all beef goodness after my own heart. Lovewise and healthwise, hwehwehwe. The burgers are topped with cheese and nori eyes. The nori’s taste is barely perceptible when paired with cheese. And we all know how magical cheese is when placed on burgers, don’t we? Oh, and his nose is a tomato wedge.

• Romaine lettuce leaves, torn into bite-sized pieces. The little squeeze bottle outside the bento has Caesar’s Salad dressing. I usually like making my own Caesar’s Salad dressing, but not when I’ve barely woken up. Fortunately, we always have a bottle of ready-made salad dressing for moments when I’m too lazy to make dressing. Among the few brands that I find acceptable is Newman’s Own. Of course I’m still partial to homemade but in a pinch, Paul Newman’s is a good dressing to use.

• Oishi’s Bread Pan to serve as croutons. Bread Pan is a pack of mini-garlic bread nibbles that’s not only a tasty snack, but also doubles as flavorful croutons. His “nails” are made of cheese.

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15 Responses to Salad Monster Bento

  1. Beatie says:

    I’ve only ever seen Newman’s at McDonalds for their salads. Kinda looks like Bush, doesn’t he?

    Nice tip about the mash. It’s noted!

  2. Mae says:

    That really looks like a monster inside the tupperware! Really clever idea. :)

  3. kaoko says:

    Really? Here our McDonald’s salad have generic dressings. To this day, I find differences with different McDonald’s branches so riveting. I remember wasting an afternoon reading about Big Macs once ^_^;;

    Thanks. It turned out much nicer than I expected 😀

  4. JMom says:

    Love the frozen mashed potato trick! I never thought of doing that :) Now this is the kind of lunch I can go for. And attractive too :)

  5. Bento Yum says:

    Love it! Too cute, I’ll have to link to it.

    Also, on the mashed potatoes and freezing them. Not sure how you make your mashed potatoes, but if you try using cream cheese or neufuchal (I can’t spell it, but low-fat cream cheese) instead of the milk, you’ll find that they not only freeze well, but they also reheat perfectly.

    Sometimes when you make them with milk, things separate out and get a bit watery when you thaw them out after freezing. The cream cheese solves that.

    Oh, and it makes them extra yummy too…though not as good for the waistline. 😉

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  7. Monica says:

    Love love love this blog! Gotta link gotta link! 😉

  8. kaoko says:

    Made it with milk. I didn’t even know it was possible to make mashed potatoes with cream cheese. I have to try that one—soon! I nuked the frozen mashed potatoes directly on high, didn’t let it thaw first because as you observed, it gets watery when allowed to thaw. :(

    Heehee, thanks 😀

    Thank you, glad you like it here 😀

  9. lansy says:

    Errrrr, making me hungry! Whos gonna pay for this!

  10. Oh my so cute- I am here because I saw a link on Bento Yum and had to follow to even more goodies. What a wonderful site you have, -Michelle

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