Food Blogging Workshop Part 2 aka How do you make Boneless Crispy Pata?

Read the first part of this entry here.

After the blindfolded taste test and subsequent reveal, would you believe what our next activity was? LUNCH! My stomach was complaining, “No more, no more!” While the servings they laid out during the blind taste testing were relatively small, at 8 courses, it wasn’t surprising that I felt extremely full already.

Serye Boneless Crispy Pata

Still, who can resist the lunch spread the Serye folk laid out? Over lunch, we ate, drank, and got to know each other. Chris, Apples and JB pored over the Boneless Crispy pata, theorizing about how it was made. Betty regaled us with tales of heavy traffic as she drove North. Christine commented on how nice Lennie was when doing reviews, since her definition of “minor issues” was far from minor! I tried to convince Jen to switch to the WordPress side because wordpress is love.

After the meal came the photography part. Markku opted to handle the session in a relaxed manner, turning the afternoon into an informative yet fun session. Jayvee shared valuable insights as well, not only with photography but with some styling ideas as well. Tips and suggestions were shared, all while we were busily composing, framing, and clicking.

Serye Barbecue
Safety shots feature the food in entirety. It’s referred to as safety because it’s the failsafe shot you can fall back on. Here’s my safety shot of their Pork Barbecue served with Java rice, special dipping sauce and atchara, a pickled papaya side. If we’re talking non-photography though, I doubt this dish would be safe for more than a few minutes. With the delicious aroma and appetizing look, any meat lover will surely demolish it at once!

Serye Barbecue
Being a fan of tight, detailed shots though, I prefer this one. Doesn’t the pork look extremely succulent?

Serye Pancit Palabok
My favorite Filipino noodle dish, Pancit Palabok. I’m not a big fan of Filipino Pancits (noodles) but I make an exception for this. Glass noodles topped with a flavorful shrimp-based sauce, topped with hardboiled egg slices, shrimps, chicharon bits (crispy pork rind bits) and chopped spring onions.

Serye Boneless Crispy Pata
Despite all the photography related tidbits being tossed around however, the biggest question of the afternoon was still, “How do you make Crispy Pata boneless?”

Miña, one of Serye’s owners succintly replied, “Oh, we get a special breed of boneless pig. They’re naturally like that.” That didn’t deter us from continuing to ask while theorizing though.

Serye Coffee & Tablea Cheesecake
They had one of those coffee things! Remember how much I loved it when I saw it used for UCC’s Sumiyaki? Well, they have it too! And I was able to photograph it. Yay! The cheesecake shown above is made with tablea, a native tsokolate tablet used for making Spanish-style hot chocolate. It’s not as sweet as normal chocolate, adding just a hint of chocolatey sweetness that didn’t overpower the cheesecake.

Can you guess what we did after taking photos? YES! Eat again! Hehehe, if workshops are always like this, sign me up for the next one!

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Read the first part of this entry here.

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22 Responses to Food Blogging Workshop Part 2 aka How do you make Boneless Crispy Pata?

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  2. aoitenshi says:

    Aaaah sounds like a whole lot of fun! I’m completely envious. It was so far though, and I couldn’t give up one of my precious weekends.

  3. ApplesH says:

    Grabe ang sarap nung cripsy pata sa picture! Great pics! What camera did you use to take those pics? :)

  4. kaoko says:

    Sayang, it really was a lot of fun. I get what you mean about weekends, but this was such a good fit for kitchen cow that I had to go.

    Thankies 😀 I used a Canon IXUS 55. Just a point and shoot but we were lucky since Markku found a nice spot for us to practice shooting. Natural lighting = <3

  5. ApplesH says:

    Point and shoot lang yan? Waaah. I wish now I attended the food photog class. I am still unable to take food close ups like that. (envy!) :)

    • kaoko says:

      Kaya mo yan, you guys have a nice camera right? It’s all about practicing, heehee. Although it would’ve helped if you guys were able to stay, more than just a learning session, it was pretty fun 😀

  6. markku says:

    So pano ba talaga gumawa nung boneless crispy pata??? Hehehe.

  7. Nicc says:

    Oh man, your blog really gets me all hungry and craving for Pinoy food. The boneless crispy pata has got to be one of the most epic things I’ve seen here. Sadly, I’m getting a bit old for such rich food. :)

  8. Naomi says:


  9. kaoko says:

    I agree. The boneless crispy pata is the stuff cholesterolific dreams are made of. It’s something you won’t mind dying for. Maybe you can have some once every few months? After a few days of eating nothing but greens, hehe.

    Sarap talaga! Want to drag the girls and binge at Serye sometime? I’d love to have some of their Serye Express again but I doubt that John would like it, since he hates eggplant.

  10. abby says:

    homaygass, mukhang ang sarap nung crispy pata. sawsawan pa lang, panalo na.

  11. iska says:

    Oh I make boneless cripy pata too but never looked as good as that in your photos! Wowowee! Yummy talaga ha!

    • kaoko says:

      Oooh! Care to enlighten us how? I think markku can sleep better if you share the secret. Personally, I’d rest easier knowing that there’s no such thing as boneless pigs 😛

      • JB Cada says:

        Guys, I’m sorry this is late but here’s the secret to the boneless crispy pata hehehe. I asked my teachers at chef school & and it turns out my guess (which Chris & I were discussing at length over lunch) was correct: Braise the pork hock several hours to soften the meat & loosen the bone. Debone the pata a la ballotine. Truss the pata like a roast so it retains its shape, and deep fry. Voilà! Boneless crispy pata 😉

      • kaoko says:

        Waaaaaah! You killed the Boneless Crispy Pata fairy! *claps hands wildly, hoping to save fairy from dying a death by demystification*

        (Man, that’s a rigorous process…)

  12. iska says:

    Very well said, JB!
    Kaoko, I do the braising thingy correctly but never tried to retain the shape when frying. With that photo you have there…. hmmm will try that next time :-)

    • kaoko says:

      Grabe iska! I’d understand people in restos doing that but for a cook who’s just doing it for a meal at home–I admire your perseverance! Now that’s a labor of love.

  13. yje says:

    how to make nga ba the pata boneless..

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