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White Rabbit, safe?It appears that I’m not the only person who was bothered by the formaldehyde-laced White Rabbits issue. I was sure a lot of Filipinos would respond, yes, but what surprised me was that people from other countries were likewise affected! I had no idea that White Rabbit had a strong international presence.

Recent news articles have come to the defense of our favorite creamy candy:


ONE of China’s best-known candies passed a safety test from the world’s leading certification company, SGS Group, the Shanghai-based candy producer said on its Website today.

The current regulation on candy production doesn’t have the amount of formaldehyde content in candies, said Xin Yuanqing, vice director of food supervision department under the Shanghai quality watchdog.

Guan Sheng Yuan pledged on its Website that no preservatives were added during the production of White Rabbit milk candies.

On a slightly different note, however, Dr. Emer, a Filipino physician posts that:

White Rabbit does contain formalin, but in minute amounts only. It is therefore safe to eat, and does not pose any danger to consumers.

He cites the Singaporean News of Channelnewsasia and Bruneidirect.com.

Another news item declares the product as safe, and insinuates that the Philippine BFAD may have tested counterfeit products. However, I recall watching a news item on GMA7 with the BFAD firmly stating they tested products bought from a large supermarket chain. They even showed the bag which clearly had the Philippine distributor’s contact info on it.

To add, GMA7’s website published an article airing the manufacturer’s side.

Guan Sheng Yuan Co. makes this pledge to society: Absolutely at no point during the manufacturing of White Rabbit milk candy are preservatives added,” the company said.

While the first item and the second ones differ in findings, (1) no formaldehyde at all, (2) yes, but in minute amounts, it still says the same thing: White Rabbit is safe to eat. And considering the fact that a lot of us have been eating it since childhood, I’d go with safe as well. Still, since the second news item raised the possibility of small, naturally occurring amounts of formaldehyde in the product I’d eat it with moderation, the same way I have even as a kid. So yes, no whole bags in one sitting for me.

Of course, that’s providing the local stores haven’t totally pulled out the product yet OR BFAD repeals its ban. So where does that leave us, Mr. Bunny?

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12 Responses to White Rabbit Update

  1. Drew says:

    “ONE of China’s best-known candies passed a safety test from the world’s leading certification company, SGS Group, the Shanghai-based candy producer said on its Website today.”

    I don’t think the guilty party will admit that their products contain harmful substances… but I’ll believe it if the testing came from a different country.

    And there are too many instances of bad Chinese products nowadays…

    – The Cardboard Meatbun
    – Harmful substances in Toothpaste
    – Melamine on Petfood (this was tested and proven positive)

    And yet China is denying all of these claims, why? Because they have to keep a good image since they’ll be hosting the 2008 Olympics.

    • kaoko says:

      Well, aside from the tests done by the independent Chinese tester, there were also the ones done by Singapore’s Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority and Brunei’s Ministry of Health. I don’t think they have anything to gain by “covering up.”

  2. Tony Lou says:

    oh my! i really hope it’s safe. just the day before this news came out, a coleague of mine brought to the office a bag of unopened white rabbit. :o( hopefully, it won’t go to waste.

    • kaoko says:

      Gimmeeeeeee! Hahahahaha! More than a reversal, the reassurance by WHO that a tolerable daily intake of formaldehyde is acceptable allays my fears.

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  4. dementedchris says:


    (Well, you already know how I feel about this whole White Rabbit ish, ne?)

  5. Leki says:

    i don’t know…i’m still a little iffy…

    well it’s not like i eat it as much as i did before, when i was a kid, but still. seeing as how i turned out,i wouldn’t exactly say it’s safe. hahaha!

  6. khursten says:

    Yaaaay!! :3 whether it has posonous stuff or what, it still tastes great

  7. Beatie says:

    Well, they’re still selling them at my local Asian Market… which is really weird since they don’t sell anything bento, no rice cookers either and the list goes on. In other words: They have a very narrow selection of things. It’s mainly just Yum Yum and spices. It’s like there’s an evil plot to make us all eat this. >_

  8. kaoko says:

    Come on, you can do it! You have the digestive system of an ox! You can eat anything! 😛 j/k leki >:D< @khursten I figure a couple of pieces wouldn't hurt so I'm game to eat it again as well ^_^;; @Beatie Sssssh! Don't reveal the plot, lest they foist their Cute Fuzzy Bunny armies on you!

  9. Jel Chu says:

    I used to eat the variety where you can eat the paper coating coz it’s much softer & way lot sweeter. :)

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