(Cooking) Mama’s Back!

I was supposed to feature today’s bento, a filling affair full of lovely leftovers, but a livejournal post from ksolaris derailed all thoughts of bento. It’s slightly off tangent, but it’s food related, so indulge me as I fangirl because…

Majesco has picked up COOKING MAMA 2: Dinner with Friends!

Cooking Mama 2

After a sojourn to the Nintendo Wii with Cooking Mama: Cook-Off, Mama’s back on the Nintendo DS with Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends! A game that’s based on cooking, Cooking Mama allows you to use the stylus to perform various cooking tasks like chopping, frying, kneading and mixing, to be able to cook a wide assortment of dishes, “just like Mama.” The new version features 80 new recipes, a wireless cook-off mode against up to four friends, a customization mode that lets you dress up your kitchen, Mama included! And the friends part? After you cook, nine of “your” picky friends taste and judge your cooking! It has the makings of a Food Network reality TV show, don’t you think?


Despite the weird premise, the first Cooking Mama was a hit. Everyone, from gamers who couldn’t cook to cooks who have never played a video game, loved it. Everyone was playing and enjoying themselves. I said goodbye to dignity and blew into my DS’s microphone even while I commuted, just because Mama—I feared her burning wrath—insisted I do so! The great thing about it is that the cooking techniques and recipes are realistic. Mama’s Tonkatsu cooking procedure is almost identical to mine, and her korokke (croquette) technique? I learned to make korokke from Mama!

A release date hasn’t been given yet, but Majesco has also dropped hints that a new version for the Wii is also in the works. If you’d like to read more, the official press release is here.

A Handy Dandy Cooking Guide Anyone?

And while we’re at it, let me mention something that caught my eye a few months ago, Shaberu! DS O-Ryouri Navi (Talking DS Cooking Navi). Another DS non-game, this is actually a talking cooking guide that runs on the DS! It has recipes, step-by-step procedures and a built-in timer that tells you when your dish is cooked. It’s even voice activated so you just have to tell it to turn the page, useful if your hands are gummy with flour, eggs and breadcrumbs (which can be minimized if you to try this tip!).

The ultimate bento accessory?

Silly? Well, silly or not, it is a hit in Japan, spawning Shaberu! DS O-Ryouri Navi Marugoto Teikoku Hotel (Talking DS Cooking Navi Marugoto Teikoku Hotel), a follow-up title that features recipes from top hotel chefs!

I honestly don’t think I need it—but I definitely want it! Right now, it’s only in Japanese but there are news of it being localized in Europe. As long as I get my hands on an English version, I’ll be happy.

See? Gaming doesn’t have to be all hack and slash. Or at least, you can be hacking away at some onions and slashing away at some pork tendons. Tomorrow, I promise to get back to regular programming. But for now, let’s bask in the virtual cooking fun as I need to get back to my Trauma Center game. 😛

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14 Responses to (Cooking) Mama’s Back!

  1. Beatie says:

    I LOVE Cooking Mama!

    • Beatie says:

      Eeek, sorry. Seems the rest of my comment’s missing. I also wrote:

      “Discovering that a sequel’s coming just made my day. Hooray for Nintendo & cooking games!

      By the way, I’m so jealous of your pink DS Lite. So cute!

      Oh, and I wanted to ask you about something else: I think I read somewhere that you watch cooking anime/tv shows. Can you recommend any? I’ve looked around a bit but it’s a jungle out there.”

  2. surrealistic says:


    *whistles* Neat. Neat. Another one to look forward too..

    I know what you mean. :) I learnt tonkatsu from Cooking Mama too xDD;;;

  3. jokergirl says:

    OMG! I want a DS now only to have Shaberu. Do you think it’ll ever come out in the west? XD~


  4. kaoko says:

    I love anime and drama heehee–you probably read it from my personal Livejournal. Right now, I’m in the middle of Bambino! a dorama starring Matsumoto Jun. It gets mixed reactions, but I love the cooking part, makes me want to work in the kitchen! I also had fun watching Yakitate Japan, though it’s more baking centric than anything else. I never got a chance to watch Cooking Master Boy, which I totally regret :( I plan to watch Lunch no Juou once I get the time, and that other drama with Nino from Arashi where he works at a Chinese restaurant.

    Is it “Just like Mama made?” 😛

    There was word that Europe will have an official release. Rumor has it that it will be ported to the US as well, but nothing official. The Cooking Navi is very interesting, no? I was going through a message board about it and it makes me want it more. For example, you can jot down the number of people you’re cooking for and it automatically adjusts the recipe! And it takes allergies in consideration and makes meal plans and stuff. It’s all full of win!

    • japinoy says:

      i love your blog! so happy to discover kitchen cow ^_^

      have you seen lunch no joou yet? it’s good! (omurice!!) don’t watch on an empty stomach, though….^_~ kuitan (eating detective) is also quite good.

      • kaoko says:

        I haven’t but I plan to watch it sometime. It helps that aside from being a cooking dorama, it has cute boys in it. (eeeep, did I just expose my fangirl side? ^_^;;)

  5. aoitenshi says:

    Ugh I want a DS Lite!!! I need that Cooking Mama game. So cute.

    • kaoko says:

      I really think DS Lites are worth it. The amount of fun and entertainment Sakura-hime has brought me is priceless. And if you can pester Aleq into getting one as well, it’s even better because you can play all sorts of competitive / cooperative wifi games vs. each other 😀 It’s relatively cheap, compared to a PSP at least.

  6. surrealistic says:

    LOL I’m not sure about that. :DDD;;

    Considering, I bypass some steps she has xDD;;
    Was surprised at some of the recipes though..like for the soba. Was excited since it was all from scratch and thinking oh cool! Then you have the instant ramen one *ish amused*

    • kaoko says:

      Ah, but there is a certain skill in making the water reach the lid. All salary men and office ladies must master said skill as the ability to subsist on cup noodles while working over lunch is essential.

      So that line? It’s the guardian of sustenance. It’s all zen I tell you.

      (I think the rains have seeped into my brain, pardon the nonsense :P)

  7. Dona says:

    Uwaa~! I can’t wait~! I love video games, and I’ve played cooking mama before, so I’m excited for a second game~! I’m also really interested in the second game you mentioned… I do hope that it comes out in English ^^

    • kaoko says:

      So do I! I’m hoping the European version has english included, because at least the European version was confirmed. The US version remains rumors but I’m definitely crossing my fingers for it.

      • Dona says:

        Ah, even if there is no US copy, I’ll still get the European copy ^__^ It still works the same~ That’s awesome that an English version is confirmed… ^__^

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