Ode to Junk Food

This is your Brain.

This is your Brain on Carbs.

And this is what my addiction to Cheez-Its does to me.

Ah Cheez-Its. I know I should be opting for a more relevant food post. Something about today’s bento perhaps. Or one of the restaurant reviews I have on hold. But as I was looking for pictures for today’s entry, I unearthed this instead.

The photo / illustration was done a few months ago, for fun, but even then I knew I wanted to share it with fellow foodies who I’m sure would understand the need to surround oneself with yummy, nostalgic, albeit unhealthy snackables.

And I still remember that moment when these photo concepts were born.

One evening, as we were driving home after grocery shopping, my mom started making suggestions about what we could whip up for dinner. My response was immediate. I raised the box of Cheez-Its that I made sure to save from the groceries in the trunk and proclaimed it dinner.

‘Course, my mom went, “It’s bad!”

To which I replied, “No!” I then promptly hugged the box protectively and admonished her, “Don’t let it hear you call it bad! You’ll ruin its self-esteem! You’ll hurt its feelings!”

I love Cheez-Its. THAAAAT much.

So much that I’m ready to face carb and sodium hell, just to get a few nibbles of that cheesy, crispy, salty, and addictive treat.

What’s your evil snacking pleasure? Think it can top a box of Cheez-Its?

(Btw, if you remember watching that old commercial that the photos are parodying–haha! You’re as old as I am :P)

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20 Responses to Ode to Junk Food

  1. kakugori says:

    Chili Cheese Fritos! There are many, many others but somehow those have always been my biggest downfall. XD

  2. Mila says:

    I remember the ones made in the US! Yes, I am old! hehehe

    Um does binging on mojos and cheese garlic pizza in one sitting constitute junk food? I like cheezits too, but i don’t think of it as having feelings heehee. There are cheetos that are super cheese flavored, turns your fingers and lips all orange.

  3. kaoko says:

    Mojos! I love Mojos. It’s the reason why I keep coming back to Shakeys, the Mojos. <3 <3 And I love cheetos too, but I like the Spicy crunchy kind, the one that makes you numb from the spiceburn, hehe.

    I've a feeling it's close / similar to Spicy Cheetos? If so, yes, it's luuuuv. <3 <3 <3

  4. Drew says:

    Lays Potato Chips BBQ Flavor. I used to love the Red Hot Spicy Cheetos, but ever since it dyed my poopies red… I just had to stop! XD (sorry for being gross but I just have to say it!)

  5. khursten says:

    I don’t know if you saw this in your grocery, but I love this biscuit brand called Saladix. :3 Every time I say it, I do it with a spongebob voice “You want some saLAAAAD?” XDDD

    On the chips side, it’s CHEEETOS and Tostitos with a hint of lime. :3 sus maria. ;w; nagugutom ako~

    • kaoko says:

      Mmmm…Tostitos with a hint of lime + salsa = <3 <3 <3

      My Junk Food fixation doesn't start and end with Cheez-its though. I am an absolute Potato Chip Junkie. I have to do a run down of my junk food junkiness someday.

  6. Abigail says:

    It’s gotta be Pringles for me (any flavor) – they are my carsickness savior on long trips, especially up and down mountains. If I eat ’em, I’m totally fine!

  7. Tony Lou says:

    i love junk food. some of the junk food have become comfort food. flat tops/curly tops/choc nut top my list of comfort food junk food.

  8. surrealistic says:

    Rock & Deli’s Sweet Chili and Sour Cream Chips :DDDDDDDDDD
    Totally awesome :”D

    And Tim Tams… mmmmm

  9. kaoko says:

    @Tony Lou
    Ooooh! Flat tops & Curly tops for me too. Did you know that I have a theory about how Flat Tops differ from Curly Tops? For me, flat tops is creamier and was probably runnier while it was still liquid, hence the flat top. Of course, as a kid, I preferred curly tops because it felt more elegant, coming in a box with little paper cups and all. Never mind that they’re practically the same el cheapo candy. It’s all in the mind.

    Oooh, I’m not familiar with it but I like the sound of sweet chili and sour cream chips. Too bad they’re not available here, I’m a potato chip junkie.

  10. Nightfall says:

    I’m old too – I remember those commercials!

    And what you said back to your mom about self-esteem totally cracks me up!!

    • kaoko says:

      We’re not old. We’ve just seen more of the world. Glad you found the exchange funny, unfortunately, it scares me sometimes because if I feel that way about food, I’m sure you can imagine how my dolls get personified. ^_^;;

  11. meow-meow says:

    i can eat a whole box of cheez-its in one sitting. it’s worse because it has less fat than chips, so i tell myself i can eat more!

  12. OrangeinaPod says:

    I like the Filipino version of Cheez-It… Hehehe… Check out my blog!

    • kaoko says:

      Hahaha, yeah! I know local Cheez-its. Never was much of a fan of it though, I’m more of a Cheez Curls fangirl.

      Dropped by your blog btw, and your post on Pringles? SOOO TRUE!

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  14. Food Is Lyfe. says:

    I wrote a really good but really short Ode To Junk Food poem. ^_^
    It goes like this:
    Pizza, chocolate, pretzels, and tacos..
    Ah the list could go on
    I much on cheesy bread sticks while watching my favorite Netflix flix
    Mmm carb-y goodness!
    Ode to Pepsi
    Ode to Ckick-fil-a
    Ode to all the junk food my taste buds crave
    Some diets tell me to stay away from sugar, sat, and fat
    I can’t live without that!
    Grab an apple, and orange, and some raisins…
    Oops, too late!
    I’m already stuffing my face in the Cheeto bag.
    -Food Is Lyfe
    Ty for reading my poem!

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