Beef Stroganoff Bento

No smileys, flowers, and cute things adorn today’s bento. Instead, it’s all about taste as this extremely flavorful bento promised to make my lunch break a happy one. Aside from being delicious, the other nice thing about this bento is that it was quick to prepare. I had it cooked and good to go in under half an hour–and everything was made from scratch.

Beef Stroganoff Bento

Bento #157 • 4 September 2007

• Beef Stroganoff on Couscous. Excellent pairing, the couscous sopped up the sauce without drying it. Good pairing for speed really, I think this can be done in 15 minutes, tops. Recipes? Both of them are products of my personal experiments. Here’s the Beef Stroganoff and here’s the Beefy Couscous. Honk beef-beef if you like it! (Feel free to roll your eyes at the lame joke.)

• Orange slices. Half an orange really.

Tip Jars IconFrom our Tip Jars:
Preparing a bento for one? Cling wrap / Press and Seal to the rescue! Slice your fruit (oranges, apples, etc) in two, then wrap the rest in cling wrap, then refrigerate. Add to the next day’s bento. No wastage!

• Tomato wedges

• Cucumber slices

• Lychee Jelly Cup

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4 Responses to Beef Stroganoff Bento

  1. Tony Lou says:

    ooh! the first (and only) dish i cooked unassisted that didn’t just involve frying is a beef stroganoff. it turned out pretty well, but i never got the chance to cook again. my mom just needed to someone to cook for the party and she was too busy with other things. thank goodness it wasn’t a disaster.

    erm, what are the tomato and cucumber slices for?

    • kaoko says:

      Wow. What a feat, cooking for a party for your first attempt? I mean, I cook a lot but parties make me think twice. Congrats on the success, that’s a sign that you should cook again 😀

      Tomato and cucumber? Mostly to up my veggie intake, 5-a-day is good for you 😀

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