“Eeeeek! It Lives!” Bento

Today I learned an important lesson. When preparing bento, make sure to wash your boxes after eating, or at the very least, soon after you get home. Because if you don’t, you might have very big problems…like life evolving inside them!

Eyes! It has eyes!

Bento #167 • 19 October 2007

Just kidding! It’s just another case of my lunch looking back at me, this time as a non-descript pair of leering eyeballs. A pair of eyeballs—with ears! *cackles* Today’s lunch features pork and potatoes stewed in tomatoes (again, again, pork & potatoes, stewed in tomatoes, pork & potatoes, stewed in tomatoes!). No recipe since I have no idea how my mom cooked it other than it being pork, potatoes and tomatoes (heehee) stewed in a heavy pot.

To the right, I have orange wedges. For some reason, the flesh was really dark. When I opened it, I quickly asked my mom whether she bought blood oranges but she knows it was just normal oranges. The redness wasn’t quite captured here but you have to agree, it’s much brighter than your usual sunkist and valencias.

And the centerpiece, two eyeballs! I mean, two onigiri masquerading as eyeballs. These were stuffed with salmon cream cheese and dotted with nori to make the pupil. It’s resting on a bed of more rice that’s covered with a sheet of nori so it’ll look like some unidentified creature / darkness / mold / whatever you want it to be.

Still, even if it were a false alarm, remember folks! Wash your bento boxes!

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7 Responses to “Eeeeek! It Lives!” Bento

  1. Gaby says:

    That is sooooo cute. And the pork and potatoes stewed in tomatoes look fantastically filling and light all at once. 😀

  2. Victoria says:

    Actually, it really is a good idea to clean bento boxes ASAP. I was being lazy and didn’t bother opening my bento box for two weeks (gasp!) and when I opened it, the stench of rotting grapes and greasy noodles have penetrated the plastic of my lids. Needless to say, I had to soak my entire bento box in soapy water for a half hour to get rid of the smell! I’ve definitely learned my lesson lol

  3. kaoko says:

    Thanks. About the stew though, it was filling but it’s far from light. It just looks that way I guess. ^_^;; Or maybe I just ate too much. Ooomph.

    Which reminds me…eep. I don’t think I’ve washed it yet!

  4. toni says:

    That is so cute. I couldn’t help but widen my own eyes while looking into those salmon cream-cheese filled beauties. How do you come up with these great ideas?! Galing talaga! Your bentos always catch me by surprise!

  5. dorame says:

    this looks like the dust bunnies from tonari no totoro~

    last night I was running out of food container/bento to use. I checked the ref and found one that had peeled oranges weeks ago. when I opened it, there were organisms sprouted from the orange. i was amazed and showed it to my husband. But then, he said I should not inhale the spores as it may be dangerous. Oh well.. my story of bento stored in fridge for a long time.

  6. kaoko says:

    After watching episode after scary episode of House, I’d be inclined to agree with your husband. Gone were the days when I’d marvel at them too. 😛

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