The Burger that is Master

For a delightful little burger nook nestled along Creekside in Amorsolo, Makati, Sango has a big claim to support. The Burger Master is what the signboard outside says. Stepping inside the store however, gives an entirely different vibe from the usual burger joints. Gone is the frenetic bustle of kiddie burger joints. Neither can you find the flashy high-tech metal grills of pricey grilled burger places.

Instead, you’re welcomed by friendly staff, cheerfully welcoming you with a warm “Irrashaimase!” Once you walk up the counter, you’re faced with a wide selection of burgers. It’s natural to feel confused, what with the wide array, but fortunately, the people at the counter are always helpful and ready to guide you.

Yakiniku Rice Burger

One of my favorite things to order at Sango is the Yakiniku Rice Burger (PhP99). Made of tender, thin beef slices marinated in a flavorful soy-based sweet sauce, the Yakiniku is a pleasant melding of flavorful fat and lean beef. The fatty part is minimal at best, adding just a hint of texture and flavor so fat haters need not fear it. Complementing the rich flavors are the rice burger patties, made of good quality Japanese rice that’s lightly toasted for a light crunch.

Teriyaki Burger

Another favorite of mine, especially when I’d like something lighter, is the Teriyaki Burger (PhP89). The well-marinated sticky-sweet Teriyaki Burger patty is slipped in between extremely soft bread and a couple of crisp iceberg lettuce leaves, making for interesting interplay between the sweet salty burger, the super soft bread which gives as soon as you bite and the crisp, refreshing lettuce. Another winner, definitely.

Tonkatsu Burger

While I haven’t eaten a whole one, the Tonkatsu Burger (PhP96) is also worth a shot. John was definitely drooling over it, telling me how good it was. Sure enough, it was very meaty—definitely a solid tonkatsu patty, drizzled with a distinctive tangy flavorful sauce, all complementing the characteristic crispiness of tonkatsu. I’d have stolen his tonkatsu burger that time, if only I wasn’t pre-occupied with my own Yakiniku Rice Burger then.

Master Fries

Of course, nothing complements burgers like fries. In this case though, you could live on fries alone, if it’s Sango’s Master Fries (PhP79 – small / PhP99 – large). It’s not on the menu but Punked Noodle made me try it once and I knew there was no going back to plain fries afterwards. Basically, it’s their regular large-cut fries (PhP45) served with add-ons of cheese (PhP17), master sauce (PhP17), onions, and ketchup. The add-on Master sauce is a ground beef-based meat sauce—the same sauce they add to their Master Burgers.

To wash your food down, I recommend eschewing your usual soda and iced tea. While they also serve both here, I suggest going for something more distinctive, like their Green Tea Shake (PhP50) or my personal favorite, Strawberry Shake (PhP50). Their strawberry shake is a few notches better than Mc Donald’s hard-to-find strawberry shake (selected branches only *facepalm*) while the green tea shake is a cheaper alternative to Starbuck’s Green Tea Frap. Just as good, only loads cheaper. I hear good things about their Corn Flakes Shakes too, but honestly, the Strawberry shake has me all addicted so I seldom get to try the other stuff.

Great ambiance, fantastic service, lots of J-Pop / J-Rock on the widescreen TV, a selection of manga, a super high-tech restroom, origami freebies, and have I mentioned the super fantastic service? If you’re in the area, I highly recommend dropping by. Or even calling for delivery if you work nearby. Because honestly, I love Sango so much, I’m all ready to call it my Master.

Sango, The Burger Master
Room 5 Ground Floor Creekside Mall
Amorsolo cor. Herrera St.
Legaspi Village, Makati City

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30 Responses to The Burger that is Master

  1. Cla says:

    You forgot to mention that they also give out origami animals to customers 😛

  2. Leki says:

    awww, my favorite is the yakiniku rice burger, too! i love eating at sango because the atmosphere is so friendly. and when the owner’s there, he gives out miniature origami to his customers. i’ve kept all the ones he’d given me so far!

  3. Leki says:

    oh btw, gusto ko rin yung azuki green tea shake/ice cream thingy nila…yung may cornflakes din. sobrang adik ako dun! i think i got sick one time for eating too much of it. ^^;

    also, i’m curious about their other rice meals. i mean, i see these japanese people being served with something else, in big bowls. i’m not sure if it’s ramen or donburi, but when i look at their menu they only have burgers. but i swear i’ve seen them other dishes almost every time i’m there (cos of course there are always japanese peeps hanging out there)!

  4. khursten says:


  5. rotch says:

    nitpick: it’s “irrashaimase” not “irrashaimasen” :)

    having said that though, i love this feature 😀 master fries =

  6. kaoko says:

    But I mentioned the origami in my conclusion. Albeit downplayed. ^_^;; We need to lunch there this week. I’ve been victimized by my own review.

    I asked the staff about it once, as she was preparing an Omuraisu meal, complete with miso soup and all. She says they’re available but you have to order specifically. I’d love to try it sometime as well. Real omuraisu!


    Thank You! I was googling all night last night but couldn’t find the right phrase so I threw caution to the wind and just wrote 😛 Corrected as such. (kain tayooooo!)

  7. aoitenshi says:

    Oooh everything looks so good! We should really push through with that Sango meetup soon. 😉

  8. Bea says:

    Super favorite ko yung rice burger nila na medyo makunat. Forgot what it’s called. XD

  9. karen says:

    i love sangoooo! i love ordering a master burger, fries and some strawberry shake, and sitting on their sofa talking with friends… we look at the clock and realize… WE’VE BEEN HERE FOR THREE HOURS! hahaha.. and then we hurry back to go to work. :)

  10. aoitenshi says:

    Game! Wednesday or Thursday, I’m free I think. :)

  11. Victoria says:

    Ohhh those look so mouthwatering~ Too bad I don’t live anywhere near a Sango’s D:

  12. toni says:

    I LOVE SANGO!!!!!!!!!!! I love going through their Manga while waiting for our orders. I should visit that place again soon. 😀

  13. Mila says:

    I love Sango! Especially their fries. I’m going to have to go there now!!!!!

  14. arpeelazaro says:

    sango has the best burgers, bar none.

  15. kaoko says:

    That’s the same thing, the rice burger <3 <3 <3 You can approximate it at home by making an onigiri, toasting on a grill, then brushing with soy sauce.

    Sango's atmosphere is so nice, sometimes you just want to sit there and eat and chat and watch the TV play Otsuka Ai's Peach 😛 (I still can't get the timings to the double clap right)

    Wednesday next week, game? I won't bring lunch.

    Sadly, there's only one Sango, even in the Philippines. But MOS burger (it's international I think?) should fill that gap 😀

    @toni, Mila and arpee
    Sango is love. No wonder there's so many of us Sango fans 😀

  16. aoitenshi says:

    Hmmm I’m not sure about Wednesday next week, I might not come in to work (hehe), but I will text you. 😉

  17. jeff says:

    i love this place… wish the burgers could be bigger:)

  18. Hiro says:

    absolutely love this place

  19. kitts says:

    taste great!!!awesome..Hope that Sango will branch out in CEBU…the food is afordable and the place is very clean…You cnt afford to miss it..chao

    • kaoko says:

      Hehe, so nice that there are a lot of us Sango fans everywhere. I hear they’re branching out to Alabang (YAY! So near!) so maybe a branch in Cebu is more possible than we think.

  20. aoitenshi says:

    A branch in Alabang? That’s great news! Can’t wait!

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  22. Reika says:

    it’s just now that i read an article about sango.. i never ate there but the sight of the burgers wants me to buy one..

    BTW i went to their site awhile ago.. the burgers are PRICEY now.. the master burger is now P133.00 .. but i think it’s worth it :)) I>MUST>TRY>NOW *hungry*

    • kaoko says:

      Rising inflation plus I guess the fact that it’s now a restaurant chain factors in too—afaik, ownership of the brand has passed on. Though I have eaten at the Amorsolo branch after it changed hands and I was reassured that the food is just as good, albeit pricier.

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