Spooky Eyeball Bento

When I was a child, Halloween wasn’t the fun, candy-filled extravaganza it is now. It was simply the day before Todos Los Santos (All Saints’ Day) and was a solemn family event, reserved for honoring those who have passed on. Still, being the kids that we were, my cousins and I would find ways to have fun like scaring ourselves silly watching Shake, Rattle, and Roll’s Mananaggal episode and collecting candle drippings in the cemetery to make great balls of wax.

My Halloweens have changed much, but it still remains as one of my favorite holidays. So this year, I made a Halloween bento again. I’m not sure if I can prepare one tomorrow, so I decided to go for it today. It’s not as colorful as last year’s Halloween bento, but it’s a bit creepier methinks. Don’t you agree?

170 Spooky Eyeball Bento

Bento #170 • 30 October 2007

My bentos have been full of eyes lately, but I couldn’t let the idea of a spooky eyeball bento go. So, instead of making two normal sized onigiri, I made lots of mini eyeball onigiri. Spookily cute, these little riceballs are stuffed with cream cheese and smoked salmon so it spells delicious as well.

On the side, I have a little cup of tuna salad (tuna chunks with lite mayo, chopped onions and pickle relish) and a small salad of iceberg lettuce, chopped smoked salmon and shredded cheese. The iceberg lettuce was perfectly crisp and refreshing, especially against the full-flavored
smoked salmon and sharp cheese. The tuna salad was slightly sweet and meaty, perfect for a chunky tuna salad sandwich. Too bad I didn’t have bread with me. Despite having lots of eyes, I didn’t foresee the need to pack bread! *crickets chirping* Okay, feel free to slap me silly for the
stoopid pun. But before you do, let me wish you all,


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8 Responses to Spooky Eyeball Bento

  1. dementedchris says:

    Your’e right–it’s a totally spooky bento!

  2. Creole says:

    Hi! First time reader here, and I would to say I think your posts are great! 😀

    I’m from the Philippines too and I was wondering where you bought your furikake?

    Thank you!

  3. Kay says:

    Thats a pretty nice bento meal.

  4. kaoko says:

    Want to eat some eyeballs? I’ll make some for you…stuffed with Bangus EYEBALLS! 😛

    Thank you for visiting and I’m so glad you like it. Various kinds of furikake is available in most Japanese and Korean grocery stores. Even some local supermarkets have it. They might not be always labeled furikake though. I usually just gamble and grab the packages with appealing pictures. ^_^;; Are you Manila-based? I can point you towards various groceries if I can have a better idea of your general area. If you are outside Manila and can’t locate a Japanese grocery near you, let me know. I can probably help you buy some then ship it to you.

    Thank you very much 😀

  5. toni says:

    Creepy eyes!!! I’d eat them all up right away so they’d stop staring.

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  7. kaoko says:

    Ah, city naman pala e. I’m sure you can easily find a Japanese grocery 😀 Hehe, and your onigiri’s fun. Albeit a bit scared but if you’re all laid out for lunch, I bet you’ll be scared too ^_^;;

    Why didn’t I think of it that way?

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