Curry Omuraisu Bento

Across the street from our old office was a local Japanese restaurant that served yummy Curry Omuraisu. A large omelette stuffed with chicken curry rice, I loved how each bite was full of meaty curry goodness. It’s been months since I last had it though since we moved offices, so when I realized we still had leftover Japanese curry, I decided to give it a go.

173 Curry Omuraisu Bento

Bento #173 • 20 November 2007

My version of curry omuraisu was simple enough. I simply went through the motions of making fried rice, only, I added dollops of leftover curry sauce to it. I would’ve loved to use actual curry, but I finished all the pork and veggies the night before so I had to settle for curry sauce. Still, I figured it would be all right if I’d have a side of meat and veggies with it.

Curry Omuraisu v. 20 November 2007

2 eggs
1 cup rice, cooked
A few tablespoons prepared curry sauce
A small amount of oil for frying

1. Beat two eggs. Add salt and pepper to taste.
2. On a wide, non-stick pan, add oil. When hot, pour your beaten eggs, making sure to spread the egg thin and wide.
3. When one side is done, flip. When cooked, slide unto a plate.
4. Add your rice to the slightly greased pan. Saute to heat evenly.
5. Add as much sauce as you desire. The texture you want is slightly wet and sticky, but not dripping with liquid. Continue sautéing.
6. Spoon your rice on your thin omelette, keeping them together in a long cylinder.
7. Using a spoon, spatula, or your hands and some cling wrap, fold the two ends of the omelette, wrapping the rice.
8. Serve upturned, with the flaps underneath.
9. Drizzle with ketchup 😀

I saw someone cook Omuraisu on a J-drama once (I think Kimura Takuya’s Hero) and the cook was so good. She actually managed to do the wrap thing simply by tapping the frying pan! She did little taps to the pan handle and sure enough, the omuraisu would flip over little by little, encasing the rice. I don’t think I can manage to do that, hence this mock preparation, but as long as we get to eat afterwards, it’s all right, I guess?

To go with it, I did an experimental salt and pepper beef stir-fry. Very easy to do so it’s perfect for the morning rush. For my veggie component, I steamed some carrots and green beans in a microwave steamer—the kind you buy for 88 Pesos at Japan Home Center. Very useful for quick bento prep. A full meal in 20 minutes or so and a cure for Curry Omuraisu cravings. Not as satisfying as that resto’s, but for a quick fix, it sure hits the spot.

Salt and Pepper Beef Stir-fry v. 20 November 2007

1 thin sirloin steak

1. Cut the steak into strips.
2. Sprinkle with some salt and lots of crushed pepper.
3. Stir-fry in butter until brown and slightly crisp on the sides.

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11 Responses to Curry Omuraisu Bento

  1. lalalady7 says:

    i loooooooooooooooove omurice!
    I must make this again!

  2. soloista says:

    Sounds yummy.

    Also, I just wanna give a shout that I discovered a Japanese grocery at Greenhills, beside UCC. They sell the usual stuff, and not-so-usual stuff including ramune!

  3. nagi says:

    waaaahhh!!! i want omurice!!!

  4. kaoko says:

    Go make some! 😀

    It was! And yay for more stores selling Ramune. <3 <3 <3

    You're in Japan! Go find a famires and eat 😛

  5. japinoy says:

    omurice and curry: saikou desu! omurice was also the main feature in the dorama “lunch no joou” (they serve it with demiglace sauce instead of ketchup, because the father insists on it ^__^). making demiglace sauce was mendoukusai, but that was what sets their omurice apart from everyone else’s ^__^

    great recipe you have! might try this one of these days (i don’t know when, though, because curry is hardly left over in my house :P)

    • kaoko says:

      I’ve yet to watch Lunch no Joou! *sobs* I really must make time for it, but my to watch list is sooo long. It doesn’t help that the upcoming Winter Dorama season looks so pogi interesting…

  6. sunya says:

    Sorry for such a late comment..but I actually decided to try making this last night. It was dinnertime, and I was looking through your site, and realized that all I had in my refrigerator was a bottle of curry sauce, some leftover rice, lots of eggs, and a random ketchup packet ^^”

    You didn’t mention how wonderful the food starts to smell once you mix the curry sauce with the rice. I really had to restrain myself from eating everything right then!

    Unfortunately, there was no beef at the moment, so I had to settle for sauteeing some spare mushrooms on the side 😀

    All your recipes are so delicious[and delicious-looking], and it’s terrible, because after I finish eating one, then I want to go ahead and make another ^^”

    I’m thinking of making a curry omuraisu bento to bring to work, but I’m worried that when I’m running from place to place, the food might get a little messy, or the egg might spoil in the heat[?] ^^”

    Just wanted to truly thank you for your wonderful documentation and tasty[tempting] pictures on this site. Everything is soooo delicious! 😀

    • kaoko says:

      Thanks Sunya! I agree with you too, there’s something about the heady smell of curry cooking in the kitchen that leaves me drooling with anticipation.

      I don’t really worry about the egg spoiling as it’s fried. Plus, since we’re in a tropical country, the heat here is awful so I imagine food spoils here easier. I’ve never had a bento go bad on me yet so I guess as long as you avoid anything that spoils quickly and keep contaminants away, you’d be safe.

  7. Jaki says:

    Your recipe is amazing. I added mayo on top instead though :)

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