Holiday Highlights

Ah Christmas vacation. You’d think that with all the eating I’ve been doing, I’d have tons of stuff to write about. But honestly, I’ve been eating so much, I just threw caution to the wind and decided to eat first, take pictures and write later. Well, more like next year. Still, with the flurry of free food flowing into the office, buffets and parties, I figured I’d do a quick rundown of some of the most memorable things I’ve eaten. Forgive me if this entry isn’t very coherent. When you’ve been stuffing your face for two weeks straight, I doubt you’d make much sense either.


Circles. In lieu of a Christmas party, the company decided to take us all out to a nice meal at Shangri-La Plaza’s Circles. Because I’ve been hearing good things about their buffet, it was one event I was definitely looking forward to. And rightly so, their seafood spread, with the selection of sushi and sashimi made up of the freshest slices of seafood was absolutely heavenly. The salmon was so fresh and tender, it practically melts in your mouth. The octopus was so yummy, offering just the right amount of resilience. The mussels had a hint of woodsy smokiness that was perfect. After that first plate, I threw caution to the wind and stopped photographing to focus on eating. Oh, there were more courses and the desserts were both delicious and fun as well (Chocolate fountain? Wheee, it’s so Goya Fun Factory! Anybody relate?) but really, it’s the seafood set that I shall cherish as the best memory of this meal.

Vargas Kitchen’s Buttercake. Lightly flavored with the texture of a dense sponge cake, this buttercake was so wonderful, I was quick to grab the box cover to get their phone number. I’ve no sweet tooth to speak of so me liking a cake is a big deal. And it wasn’t just me, my cake loving colleagues loved it too so it’s definitely good.

Rico’s Lechon. Flown in from Cebu that morning, this sumptuous lechon was brought to our office at around 11-ish, right in time for lunch. And what a glorious lunch it was. The skin was crisp and flavorful. The meat was tender and succulent, bursting with flavors eliminating the need for sauce. It’s really one of the best lechons I’ve tasted in my life. Heck, we were still reminiscing about how good the lechon was a day later, as we faced Circles’ Lechon. I think we all passed that one up, preferring that our most recent lechon memory was this particular one. Oh yeah, and rumor has it that this is where Erap buys his lechon. I’ve no idea as to its veracity, but hey, I love the idea that I’m eating lechon that has graced the table of a deposed president.

Glorious food. Considering the sheer amount I’ve been eating these past 2 weeks, with all the parties, two gorgeous weddings with fantastic buffets (one at Intercon, the other at Shang again) plus another hotel buffet, you have to give credit to these three for sticking to my brain. Ah, meals long passed. How I love you.

Vargas Kitchen
Manila number: 8107529

Rico’s Lechon
Mobile number: 09174072033
I’ve been told you can order and pay from wherever, then they’ll ship it to Manila so you can pick it up at the airport. Sweet arrangement, huh?

Pardon the lack of addresses and other info, I just snagged these numbers off the boxes and am now pulling them out of my mobile phone. ^_^;;

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6 Responses to Holiday Highlights

  1. nina says:

    Goya fun factory for the win! Happy new year Kao! Oh, I think I may have something for your dollies (why do I keep on getting Pullip scale things?! Is this a sign?!)

  2. toni says:

    Gah. Did you get the Vargas buttercake from a supplier? 😀 We had some delivered to the office and OHMYGOSHITWASSOGOODIWANTEDTOJUSTRELISHTHEMOMENTANDSTOPWORKING.


    And Circles… yey! I love it there! Sarap naman!

  3. kaoko says:

    It’s a sign! <3

    Honestly, I get flustered because everyone keeps giving my dollies stuff. Of course I'm very grateful but I can't help but feel shy as well. ^_^;;

    Suppliers = Love. Especially that buttercake. We had leftovers from meryenda and it was still okay in the morning so I had a big big big slice (no one was looking, heehee) over breakfast, with my coffee. Sooo good, I know I'll be ordering from them once the Christmas rush is over.

  4. Emmy says:

    At last! Something clear I can unnadsterd. Thanks!

  5. Geez, that’s unbelievable. Kudos and such.

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