Chicken Fingers Bento, yet again!

Year in, year out, being typical Filipinos, there’s one sure thing that can be said in our house during the first few days of the new year. There’s an overabundance of fruit! So one look at this bento and you know—Kao’s behind on her bento posts again!

180 Chicken Fingers Bento

Bento #180 • 4 January 2008

Ever the lazy cook, for this bento, I simply took some ready to fry chicken fingers from Magnolia. I can’t stop raving about this instant food because it’s yummy and reasonably priced. I usually skip their packaged dressings though because I like neither flavors. In place of that, I packed along a small container of mushroom gravy, made from scratch by my mom.

For carbs, I reheated some leftover garlic mashed potatoes. It’s prepared much like how you do normal mashed potatoes, only I used garlic butter in lieu of plain butter. Also included are asparagus spears, also lightly cooked in more garlic butter.

To cap the meal off, I packed some kiat-kiats or mini-mandarins, and some grapes. Yes, they were a part of our New Year’s Media Noche (midnight meal) Fruit Basket. Just two of the twelve we set out on the table for good luck. Will it be a lucky year? I do hope so. 😀

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6 Responses to Chicken Fingers Bento, yet again!

  1. Looks yummy! Ako naman, di developed ang taste buds ko kaya okay lang sa akin yung dip na kasama ng chicken fingers haha. This is what our helper always prepares — pero syempre di kasing sarap nito! ^_^

  2. Victoria says:

    Mmm the asparasgus looks wonderful! Do you usually bake or fry your chicken fingers?

  3. toni says:

    Yummy! Btw, did you bring this bento to work? Because if you did, how did you keep the contents from spilling? And where’d you get it? 😀

  4. kaoko says:

    It’s a matter of taste I guess. I find their Korean BBQ dip too garlicky and I was never too hot about ranch. ^_^

    Fried, sadly. ^_^;; I know it’s unhealthier but I just couldn’t resist. Plus, I guess it’s impractical for me to fire up the oven to cook 4 small chicken fingers. Maybe if I were cooking a full-scale dinner.

    Tada! Bento Belts! 😛 They’re little garters, roughly 3/4s of an inch thick that go around the box. I also have a special carrying bag, it’s wide yet shallow so I can carry my boxes right side up. The wonders you unearth from Japan Home Center. ^_^

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