Japanese Curry Bento

I find it disappointing that after making a New Year’s resolution of posting at least twice, ideally thrice, a week, I end up not posting at all! Bad, I know, but my age old excuse, being busy with work, strikes again. I haven’t even been preparing bento as much as I should, sadly. Still, I had mad cravings for Japanese Curry last week so I made sure to pack the leftovers.

185 Curry Rice Bento

Bento #185 • 28 February 2008

Because we don’t have a microwave at work (yet), I opted to use my thermal lunch kit. Not as warm as I’d like, but better than eating cold curry rice. This curry had pork, potatoes and carrots, ladled over some steamed rice.

On the side, I packed some carrot sticks and ranch dressing in one container, and strawberries and Mega M&M Peanuts in the other. The M&Ms intrigued me because they came in pastel colors. Quite a change from the usual brights.

This bento made me happy, simply because it’s a bento. I really miss having them regularly; lately I’ve been buying food from the mall. More expensive and not as convenient as packing my own lunch. Still, we’re moving into a new office soon—one with a pantry. That means access to a microwave and a refrigerator again! Yay! I definitely missed packing stuff that needs to be eaten warm, so expect stuff like Gyudon and Korean Beef Stew to make it’s appearance in this blog again, after a year’s absence.

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10 Responses to Japanese Curry Bento

  1. aoitenshi says:

    I want that thermal lunch kit! I will consider it when I start making bento again. :)

    p.s. You’re moving offices again?

  2. toni says:

    are those chocolate eggs or m&m’s? 😀

  3. Beautiful!!

    I’m hosting Wholesome Lunchbox event again and would love to see your entry.
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  4. joybur says:


    i miss bento-making. i’ve stopped making my daily bentos since i’ve gone on this weight loss program for the past 10 days.

    incidentally, boyfriend had a craving for jap curry yesterday. so, yes, your recipe rescued me. thank you! (of course, he now thinks i’m brilliant). :p

    • kaoko says:

      Yeah! A bigger, nicer one that looks and feels more like an advertising agency, finally! I think this is the one that’s for keeps.

      Big fat, mega M&Ms peanut. 😛

      Thanks for the invite, it looks interesting and would love to participate. I just need to cross my fingers that I’ll find the time for it. ^_^

      Glad to help 😀 I’ll keep it a secret if you will.

  5. Just tried making curry again (even if it’s holy week and I know I should abstain and all that…), but I was alone and lonely since everyone was on vacation and I had to stay home and make sure to pets are being taken good care of.

    One thing I did differently this time is that I used the caldereta cuts of beef for my curry and it came out far more flavorful than the ones I used to make. I think it’s in the bones. :3 The offset is that I can’t put these on a bento as the bones get in the way.

    Next time when I try to make curry bento though, I’ll be adding some beef bones in the pot. 😀 I can always take them out when I serve them anyway 😀

    • kaoko says:

      Caldereta cuts? With the bone intact? That sounds good—I’ve actually never tried to cook beef curry. Maybe now’s the time to try it. 😀

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  7. Candy says:

    I love curry, but I was concerned about packing it for a bento, I’m worried it might stain the bento or the flavor would linger. Most of the japanese curry I have had stays very yellow on the white plates it is served on. What do you think, is it safe? Thanks for the post!

    • kaoko says:

      I’ve never experienced a curry stain that I wasn’t able to take out with a good scrubbing, but still, I don’t try packing curry in light colored boxes. If you’re not reheating your lunch and are worried about staining, maybe you can line the box with cling wrap? I know some people in a bento community I used to be part of did that. At least that way, you can rest easy and not have to worry about unsightly stains. :)

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