Seaweedy Onigiri and other bento stuff

Have you ever tried seaweed paste? Sounds funny doesn’t it, but it’s one of my favorite easy onigiri fillings. Seaweed paste is a pasty mixture with seaweed and soy sauce. I find it salty-savory with that distinctive nori taste. Stuck inside onigiri, it offers a very flavorful bite to the otherwise mundane rice.

186 Onigiri Bento

28 March 2008 • Bento #186

One small onigiri’s not quite enough so I packed two, both stuffed with seaweed paste. The brand I use is Gohan Desu, Yo! from the Japanese company Momoya. I’ve no idea if there are other brands, but it’s all right because I’m happy with this one. In case you’re an anime fan, yes, it’s the same Gohan Desu, Yo! featured in one of the episodes of Yakitate! Japan.

Along with the onigiri, I packed some mayonnaise-stuffed chikuwa, a steamed Japanese fishcake in tube form and imitation crabsticks. In a corner, I tucked in a single takoyaki. Yes, one’s usually not enough but I was just looking for a quick gap filler. At the bottom, I included half a cubed ripe mango—my favorite fruit.

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6 Responses to Seaweedy Onigiri and other bento stuff

  1. Gaye says:

    yay! takoyaki!!! i love those~

    uhmmm…hope you don’t mind me asking but where can i buy the seaweed paste here in the metro? and any chance you know a store where i can buy Sushi grass? ;PPP

    thank you~

    • kaoko says:

      New Hatchin Grocery 😀 It’s where I bought mine. It’s in San Antonio Village in Makati, I think along Metropolitan Ave. Basta it’s along the way to Sacred Heart church if you’re coming from Ayala—it’s right across Banco De Oro. You can also buy sushi grass there, though sometimes they sell it by the gigantor 500 pc boxes O.o

  2. Heather says:

    I am so curious about this seaweed paste! I NEEEEEEED to find it! Also, do you steam your chikuwa before you stuff it or just let it thaw in the fridge? What are some other things you suggest stuffing them with??

    • kaoko says:

      I know some people eat chikuwa as is, but I feel uneasy about doing that so I usually steam it for a bit. I’ve tried stuffing them with mayonnaise but nothing else. I’ve heard some people stuff it with cheese, but I’m not sure that’s something I’d enjoy. Now that you’ve mentioned it in the same breath though, I wonder how it would taste like with seaweed paste? And how about half a kani stick?

      Where are you based btw? If you’re from Manila, I can point to a couple of stores that stock it. If you’re not, I know this Asian Grocer store on the net has it stocked.

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