Lasang Pinoy 25: Soy-Vinegar Pork Belly Bento

Lasang Pinoy 25This latest round of Lasang Pinoy is something I really look forward to because it puts one thing close to my heart in the limelight. Bento! I thought that it would be an easy round for me because of the topic, but surprise! Between trying to find the time to bento and finding a Filipino food concept, I was pretty stumped! My firm resolve to join (not to mention a commitment I made to this round’s host, Ajay) pushed me into preparing two lunches for the event.

188 Soy-Vinegar Pork Belly Bento

28 April 2008 • Bento #188

Wanting to offer something new, I decided to experiment with a porkchop marinade I hear one of my aunts uses. Definitely adobo-inspired, this dish is a very flavorful, crispy and sinful delight that is fantastic with loads of rice. And it doesn’t need a dipping sauce because all the soy and vinegar flavor is already infused in the pork.

Along with the pork, I packed along a couple of tomato wedges dusted lightly with rock salt, and Chinese snow peas lightly sauteed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Yes, it’s another experiment, inspired by this yummy green bean siding from Café Mediterranean. It’s not the same thing but I will definitely nail it someday. (Unless someone has it already and is willing to help me out? :D)

Of course, as any Filipino meal goes, you have to have rice! For garnish, I cut sakura blossoms from a slice of salami and a carrot, with more of the snow peas for leaves. Experiment stats: 1 : 1. Score for me with the pork, score for the universe for the Snow Peas.

Soy-Vinegar Pork Belly
serves 1

100 – 200 grams pork belly
3 Tbsp vinegar
2 Tbsp soy sauce
5 cloves garlic, crushed
whole peppercorns
rock salt
oil for frying

1. Mix the vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and enough peppercorns and salt to suit your taste.
2. Marinate the pork belly in the mixture for a couple of hours or overnight. If you’d prefer something less fatty, you can substitute the belly with porkchops that have been trimmed of fat.
3. Heat the oil then fry the pork on both sides until nicely browned. You may want to pat the pork dry, or at least make sure it’s not dripping before putting it in the oil to minimize the spattering.

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8 Responses to Lasang Pinoy 25: Soy-Vinegar Pork Belly Bento

  1. What a beautiful bento :)
    I host as well bento event, every 15th of the month. It is called Wholesome Lunchbox:
    I would love to see your entry for this event.

  2. ajay says:

    Great! Thanks for joining Kaoko, much appreciated :)

  3. ces says:

    oh this is so pretty delicious! definitely something to look forward to for lunchbreak!

    • kaoko says:

      @Coffee & Vanilla
      Thanks for the invite. I’ve been meaning to join but keep forgetting! I’ll make sure to try this round. *ties red thread to finger*

      Thanks for hosting, I love the idea!

      Thanks ces, it was yummy. I plan to include it in my usual repertoire. <3

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  5. JMom says:

    another great bento, kaoko! I’m still learning from all you bento masters 😉

    • kaoko says:

      I’d hardly call myself a master but I’m happy if you’re picking up ideas. The way I see it, I’m just happy we’re all learning from each other. 😀

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