Sauteed Green Beans and Spanish Sardines

My bento posting order is in a bit of disarray since to meet round-up deadlines, I had to prioritize posting the previous two bento lunches for the Lasang Pinoy round up. Anyway, I’ll probably be able to get it all straightened out in a couple of posts. For now, ignore the dates and just enjoy the bento instead.

190 Sauteed Green Beans & Spanish Sardines

13 April 2008 • Bento #190

Reheat and go! I simply reheated our dinner’s leftovers, Filipino-styled sautéed green beans, and dumped it straight to my bento box. Sautéed green beans, or more appropriately, Ginisang Bitsuelas was always something I hated as a kid. Oh, I’d eat a strand or two when forced to eat my veggies but that was it. Age has taught me a finer appreciation of vegetables though, and something as simple as green beans sautéed in a little pork and bagoong (fermented shrimp paste) is now a welcome dish.

To go with it, I grabbed some Spanish-style sardines from a bottle in the fridge. I have no idea about its veracity as a Spanish foodstuff (someone shed light on this?) but hey, the bottle says it’s Spanish-style so that’s what I’ll call it.

To add something refreshing to the mix, I packed a small salad with iceberg lettuce, cucumber and a little ebiko (shrimp roe), to be drizzled with a ready-made soy-based dressing that was laced with shiso (perilla). Finally, I packed some steamed Jasmine rice to go with the whole thing. Simple, yummy and best of all, almost no cooking needed!

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6 Responses to Sauteed Green Beans and Spanish Sardines

  1. Chakura says:

    ooo looks yummy esp the green beans! maybe i should try it hmm….o yeah i’ve been lurking around (not a stalker) your blog for a while but never commented hehehe ^_^’… just wnat to say love your blog!
    o yeah btw ebiko is more of the eggs of shrimps…ebi=shrimp =)

    • kaoko says:

      It’s all right, everyone’s welcome. Lurking is perfectly fine if you’re more comfortable that way, but it would also be nice to hear what you think every once in a while. *wink* And thanks for the correction—I was thinking of it and tobiko and I knew one was shrimp and one was fish…I just couldn’t remember which! Correction duly noted and applied 😀

      • Raam says:

        Mine isn’t exactly Bento, but I had fun pnutitg it together anyway. Thanks for your comment on my blog and directing me over to these great ideas!

  2. Mimi says:

    I’m a bit of a lurker on this site as well. I do love your bentos, but had to comment on the sardines. Yes Spaniards love them. For breakfast, brunch…whatever. They’re so a part of my diet and so many Spaniards. The Canaries are where a LOT of the sardines in the world come from. YUM!

    • kaoko says:

      Aha! So there really is good cause to call them Spanish sardines! It makes me wonder what authentic ones in Spain tastes like. I’ll have to make sure I try them should I find myself in Spain. <3

  3. Lindalawen says:

    Excuse me, but Spaniards never eat sardines at breakfast. For lunch and dinner, yes. If sardines are fresh, it’s very typical to eat them grilled or spit-roast. It’s very, very common canned sardines (with oil) too.

    (I’m Spanish, so sorry for my English).

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