A simple sandwich made more special

Grabbing a sandwich for lunch is always a quick and easy option, but who says it has to be boring? Brighten up your sandwich lunch by preparing it as an obento. Instead of preparing one big sandwich, think of them as sandwich halves, then insert a little bit of variety. A simple sandwich, easily made special.

191 Sandwich Bento

21 April 2008 • Bento #191

For this particular lunch, I prepared a sandwich and a half. For the whole sandwich, I grabbed a couple of slices of Italian Salami and cucumbers, then layered it between 2 slices of white bread spread thinly with Japanese mayonnaise.

For the sandwich half in the center, I shredded one crabstick, added a slice of cucumber, julienned, some ebiko (shrimp roe) and a teaspoon of Japanese mayonnaise. Then, I spread this filling between a slice of white bread, cut in half.

To complete the lunch, I threw in some of my favorite Green Tea-filled marshmallows, a couple of Andes Crème de Menthes and a packet of instant miso soup, the pasty kind that you just mix with hot water. A simple soup and sandwich lunch, with a few treats thrown in. Simple, fast and far from boring.

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6 Responses to A simple sandwich made more special

  1. nina says:

    You are such a great copywriter that I’m now craving for a sandwich.

    Another reason why I don’t like you, Kao 😛

  2. Melissa says:

    I just came across your ‘blog’ I love it! I’m newish to bento’ing so I love finding others online!

  3. gin says:

    I love sandwich bento! I have always wanted to make one when a pork cutlet made in Lunch Queen.

  4. Kakugori says:

    Okay, I’m drooling. That crab/cucumber salad sandwich sounds really good. Mmm…

    And I have got to get some more of those filled marshmallows! I love ’em (though my favorite is the pudding type).

  5. Mila says:

    I don’t get to use my sandwich containers enough (the foldable ones I bought at the Japanese home store), so this is a good kick in the pants to use them. By the way, is the japanese roe easy to store? Do I just keep it in the ref and it’ll last or do I have to use it up after 2 to 3 days?

  6. kaoko says:

    But food is your friend! Craving for them should never be considered a bad thing :)

    I’m glad you did! Bento lovers alway welcome <3

    Drat. I still haven't watched Lunch Queen. I actually have all the episodes stored on a disc, I just keep forgetting to watch it. And pork cutlet! I tried a pork cutlet burger from Sango once...and it was waaaaay good.

    It was a good combo, though honestly, I'd love to add mango strips and maybe some shredded nori to it, to make it even more kani salad-like. And I'd use either ciabatta or french bread instead...Mmmm...

    Darn. I haven't eaten lunch yet. I really shouldn't work on this blog when I haven't eaten. T_T

    I'm not sure about refrigerating---I keep mine in the freezer and they're still good months later. What I did was repack the ones I bought as soon as I got home from shopping into little 1 Tbsp packs, so I only defrost what I need.

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