Tonkatsu Bento with Alien Tomato

I guess if there’s one thing that’s cyclical with my bento, it’s tonkatsu. Japan’s favorite breaded porkchop, I love tonkatsu for its flavor, texture and ease of preparation. Prepared in advance, you can freeze it then fry it frozen in the mornings. I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves tonkatsu. Why, even Mr. Alien agrees!

Tonkatsu Bento

27 June 2008 • Bento #198

Mr. Alien, as he claims he is one, is a cherry tomato critter with nori eyes and a spring onion antenna. He likes mint, he says, that’s why I offered him some mint leaves to rest on as he explores planet tonkatsu obento.

The terrain on the left features tonkatsu, freshly made from scratch. Definitely a testament to its simplicity since I was able to prepare it in under 10 minutes. Below the tonkatsu lay rice—the foundation of many Asian meals.

To the right, I have some sautéed bean sprouts, tamagoyaki, Japanese sweet scrambled eggs, rolled into long cylinders, and skewers of more cherry tomatoes and kesong puti. Whether he noticed the skewered cherry tomatoes, I have no idea. I hope not, considering he came from the same batch. Or maybe that was the reason why he quickly said his goodbyes and ran away?

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10 Responses to Tonkatsu Bento with Alien Tomato

  1. toni says:

    What a cheery alien! Actually he also looks like he has a green mohawk. 😀 How cute!

  2. nina says:

    How do you make tamagoyaki? Ryan and I ordered some at Seryna and was baffled that they have two versions: local and Japanese. We tried the local (using local eggs) and Yue’s mom’s is still better. Maybe we should try the Japanese next time.

  3. Great-looking bento box!

    Now I’m so hungry. Lunchtime. No bento box for me though. =(

  4. Yvo says:

    Gah, I love tonkatsu, but haven’t yet made it :)

  5. Ms._______ says:

    the porkchop looks really good, I like to make some.

    • kaoko says:

      Hmmm, a mohawk works too!

      I can’t make tamagoyaki that good, I’m still feeling my way through it as it is. Yue’s mom has a magical tamagoyaki pan maybe? Or it’s in the genes?

      @eating club vancouver
      Hope you managed to snag a good lunch!

      When you have time, I hope you manage to try making it. It’s quite easy. To the point that I never order it when going out because I know I can make it just as well at home.

      Hope you’re able to soon! It’s quite good.

  6. nevraforever says:

    this looks sooo yummy and cute at the same time!

  7. yas says:

    hi! i saw ur blog! and woow! it realy made me realize that since i love cooking i should also learn how to do bento! id like to ask, where can i buy those cute tooth picks(if thats what u call them)for ur cherry tomatoes.ive been looking for it for a long time.. tnx!

    • kaoko says:

      Unfortunately Yas, the store I bought my picks from never restocked them. But one of my friends tell me that a store in St. Francis Square in Ortigas has them too—I just am not sure which store exactly, but it’s a housewares store. Good luck finding them!

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