Pasta & Chicken Lollipops Bento

Remember my vow to cut down on bento box purchases? Which I stuck to for months until the Winnie the Pooh Onigiri Box came along? Well, they stocked a really nifty new box at Japan Home and I gave in and bought it. Fail, yes I know, but can you blame me when it’s this cute? *points to photo below*

Pasta & Chicken Lollipops Bento

3 July 2008 • Bento #200

I already have two collapsible sandwich boxes but when I saw this combination collapsible box and regular box, I had to grab one off the shelf. This box has two layers, the collapsible top layer and a solid bottom layer. The cover fits both compartments so you can use each layer separately when you’re bringing along a smaller lunch. It doesn’t come with its own bento belt though so you’ll have to find your own—something necessary since the layers don’t have a locking mechanism to keep them together.

On to what’s inside, I filled the collapsible layer with chicken lollipops prepared in a Patis & Calamansi marinade, tiny sandwiches made of whole wheat bread, spread with Sundried Tomato Cream Cheese, and carrot sticks because I love munching on them.

The bottom layer has tri-colored fusilli mixed with some sundried tomato pesto, then topped with freshly grated parmesan and garnished with a cherry tomato and some mint leaves.

Tip Jars IconFrom our Tip Jar
Add an instant splash of color to your food with fresh herbs. Keep a couple in small pots in your kitchen or some shady area so you’ll always have a couple of leaves on hand. Parsley and mint are perfect in size and color for small bentos. Basil is another good option but you have to add it to room temperature food, otherwise they’ll darken from heat.

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14 Responses to Pasta & Chicken Lollipops Bento

  1. aoitenshi says:

    What a pretty lunch!!! Okay I really need to visit Daiso soon.

  2. Tara says:

    i bought a similar box but of different color: cream. I used it once and my sister-in-law liked it she is asking me to buy one for herself. too bad, i have no time to visit the mall again. :)

    as usual, great bento. makes me feel hungry. 😀

  3. Yvo says:

    That is too cute! I have a bento with the same design – – but would love a bento with the sandwich part AND a solid part… nummy… darn but I really do not need more bento… -_-*

  4. Ms._______ says:

    I never brought a box like that.
    Haven’t spot one yet.
    Do you know where else they sell this?
    I like the color.

  5. Mimi says:

    it’s ok to have a vice. at least mine is cheap… it’s lurking on your site! lol

  6. Ayumika says:

    This really looks yummy! :) I’d like to try the pasta… where can I buy the sundried tomato pesto? :)

    Your pink bento looks absolutely adorable~~~ ^.^

  7. Liz Tolentino says:

    *sigh* how i wish we have access to such stuff here in the province… *sigh*

  8. kaoko says:

    The Cream one is cute too! Doesn’t it come with a navy blue cover or am I confused?

    Oooh, they have that too! I really like it but I already have a couple of two-tiered boxes of similar dimensions. But it was so hard to resist. I love the pattern on yours.

    I bought mine at the Daiso store at Town Center but I also saw a couple at Japan Home Center at Park Square. (They really should start paying me for the amount of pimpage I do for their store. *laughs*)

    Hahaha, I’m glad you like it enough to lurk! But I like it better when you leave comments. It’s always so nice to hear your suggestions and ideas.

    Where are you based? This wouldn’t be helpful unless you’re based in the Philippines, but I buy mine, (Gourmet Brand) at Makati Supermarket. There are other brands but Gourmet’s the one I like best. They also join fairs a lot. Oh, and you can also get it from the Gourmet Cafe in Silang, Cavite, on the road to Tagaytay.

    What do you want ba? I’ve been buying stuff for people lately. If there’s something you want, I can buy for you then ship it off. 😀

  9. Suzanne says:

    Saw that same bento box too in Japan Home. They have it in pink and brown… I’m still wondering which color to get.

    • kaoko says:

      Get both, heeheehee! Seriously though, the brownish one is nice too, I’m not sure but I think the inner lids of that are navy blue. Nice combo, IMO.

  10. purplejeans2002 says:

    Pretty lunch!

  11. tndcallphilippines says:

    never thought to look at bento boxes this way – so useful. :) thanks for posting!

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