Sinigang Bento

Sinigang. One of the dishes that define Filipino cuisine, Sinigang’s sour, full-bodied flavor evokes memories of childhood spent in Lola’s kitchen, eating rice swimming in sour broth, accompanied by either pork, shrimp or fish. I usually dip the meat and veggies in some patis (fish sauce) for that perfect sour-salty taste, spicy too, if you choose to crush the siling pangsigang (finger chili) in your patis. Oftentimes compared to the Thai Tom Yum Goong, for me, Sinigang has a cleaner, lighter flavor, compared to its richer thai cousin.


7 July 2008 • Bento #201

Because I like my sinigang piping hot, I opted to bring my lunch in a microwave safe container instead of my thermal bento, for easier nuking. This was leftover Sinigang na Baboy (pork sinigang) from the day before. Aside from the pork and broth, I made sure to include some of the sinigang veggies as well: kangkong (swamp cabbage), labanos (daikon radish), and gabi (taro). Sinigang is one of those dishes that get better with reheating, because by the next day, the spiciness of the chili has already permeated through the broth, creating a slightly spicier version. Still, I also made sure to include some siling pangsigang (finger chili) so I can crush it in my fish sauce.

In the other container, I have rice, and a container of patis to complete the meal. I can never eat sinigang without patis. To add some color, I added two mint leaves—you can’t go wrong with mint! Heck, you can use it to freshen your breath afterwards.

Simple, filling and comforting. Was it a happy lunch? Definitely. In fact, I’m sure you guys would agree with me. Sinigang = Happy!

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18 Responses to Sinigang Bento

  1. nina says:

    Harvest ba yan ng kangkungan mo? XD

  2. janni says:

    One of my fave dishes!!! -drools-

  3. Drew says:

    I use barrio fiesta bagoong instead of patis.

  4. Tony Lou says:

    i do agree. sinigang = happy. but not so much with sinigang na bangus. it’s my least favourite of the three. and i love gabi in sinigang. i like the texture and the taste.

  5. Ms.____2 Be! says:

    Cute sauce bottle.

  6. kaoko says:

    Hindi pa namumunga yung kangkungan. *lulz*

    Mine too!

    That, I’ve never heard of but then, they’re both seafood-based salty condiments so I guess it’ll work too.

    I like boneless sinigang (with belly) in bangus although I’m not too hot about slices of whole fish since it tends to be bony. And you can have my gabi, heehee, I eat some but it’s not something I totally relish eating.

    @Ms.____2 Be!
    Thanks! It’s one of my favorite bento accessories. Unfortunately, I can’t find more. *sigh*

    Basta sinigang, fight!

  7. ela says:

    One way to decribe what’s filipino? Sinigang!

  8. caryn says:

    sinigang=comfort food

    though i’ve never had sinigang as baon. hehehe. scared of spills. plus i’m tamad so i like having everything in one container. hahaha! but love love love sinigang.

    i lov it when i bring binagoongan to the lab. when i heat it up in the microwave, the smell permeates the whole lab! ahahaha!

  9. dyanie says:

    wow i love sinigang! sinigang = rice galore! 😛

  10. kaoko says:

    I’d agree, but the adobo folk might object. 😛

    If it’s just spills you hate, lock and lock boxes are fantastic. Totally spill free, even if you put it on its side. And binagoongan in the microwave? Hahahaha, evil girl, but at least it’s a yummy smell.

    Steaming hot sinigang + rice = heaven!

  11. Suzanne says:

    Yup, I totally agree!If one of us cooks sinigang, I try to make sure that I have enough leftover for baon.

    You’ve given me an idea, so I might as well cook it for lunch today.

  12. Nothing beats sinigang anytime! I like putting different vegetables, not just kangkong but also kamote tops.

  13. toni says:

    I’ve never encountered a sad sinigang! :)

    • JB says:

      I have to disagree. Overcooked sinigang and dried-out meat or fish make a sinigang sad. Pati pag kulang sa asim. I always store leftover sinigang vegetables separate from the broth and meat so they don’t overcook when I reheat 😉

      I am also somehwat saddened by gabi but that’s just me :-)

      • kaoko says:

        Ay. Good point. I remember eating at this carinderia a couple of years ago. Their sinigang was so sad! Akala ko nilaga. I so wanted to ask for calamansi just to sour it up.

  14. kaoko says:

    @a scientist in the kitchen
    I’ve heard some people do that. I imagine kamote tops would be suitable because they’re similar in texture. I also like okra and eggplant for different textures. Yum!

    Sinigang is like chicken joy, you’ll never meet a sad one. 😀

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