Link Love: Cute Obento

cuteobento reviewAside from eating and making bento, one thing I enjoy doing is looking at what other people make. Especially when it comes to cute kyaraben (character obento). Not only are kyaraben fun to look at and admire, it’s also a good way to get inspired. And who better to look to for inspiration than the Japanese?

One bento maker who I admire is Sundae. This Japanese mom who takes pride in creating cute and colorful obento has been preparing them twice a week for her sons for four years now. In fact, her work is so adorably cute that she’s been included in an international bento book!

Her posts aren’t limited to obento but attractive, kyaraben-inspired home lunches as well. Her blog is in Japanese but don’t let that be a hurdle for exploring. You can navigate her site easily with basic web knowledge. Plus, she encourages readers to leave their feedback, even if you have to leave it in English.

Check out Sundae’s awesome obentos at her blog and her flickr account.

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4 Responses to Link Love: Cute Obento

  1. Drew says:

    I’ve checked out her creations…. simply amazing, I wonder how long it takes just to make one of those. And I like the Pizzas she makes!

  2. Ms.____2 Be! says:

    I love checking out other bento bloggers as well.
    Though I don’t find much of them, some just stop blogging.
    Theres a few that I check out!
    Thanks for sharing her blog link!

  3. kaoko says:

    Yeah, she’s awesome. I want to be one of her kids. 😛

    @Ms.___2 Be!
    I guess a lot of them get too busy with real life? I know I’ve taken short breaks too, but somehow, it keeps drawing me back. Although I don’t bento bloghop as much as I used to. :(

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