Alien Bento, “I come in Peace!”

I come in peace! That’s what the little traveling egg seems to say, I think. Crossing over a river of rice to get to the hotdog forests, I think he simply means to make friends. I might be mistaken that the little alien’s a she though, the little green antenna could be hair buns, you think?

Alien Bento

10 July 2008 • Bento #204

I felt the need for cute food. I miss seeing little smiles on my food so I decided to make the little outerspace themed bento. So for this meal, I made a little alien from a hardboiled egg, nori seaweed and green peas. He’s traveling along with some chicken popcorn asteroids. To get to the hotdog forest, (the one beside the green pea marshes) he has to cross a steamed rice ocean, that was liberally dusted with sakura denbu.

Did I eat the ensuing cuteness? Of course I did. What’s the point if I don’t? He did accomplish his goal before ending up in my stomach, so it’s a small victory for him?

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12 Responses to Alien Bento, “I come in Peace!”

  1. Mrs. G says:

    She looks like Princess Leia!

  2. Ms.____2 Be! says:

    So what happen to the other half of the egg?..hehe

    • kaoko says:

      @Mrs. G
      Hahahahaha, oo nga!

      @Ms._____2 Be!
      Part of it, I used to pad the bottom of the box, so the egg with have a sort of stand / base. What I didn’t use ended up in my mouth 😛

  3. May kwento pa pala. Parang gusto ko ring tumawid papuntang… Hotdog Forest.

    Seriously, I love this bento. Siguro kasi sci-fi hehe.

  4. JB says:

    Hahaha ang galing! :-)

  5. kaoko says:


    hehe, thanks 😀

  6. Laarni says:

    I am not going to eat that egg. Just looks so cute! harhar.

  7. kryjnn says:

    That looks great and your blog has seriously inspired me to start my bento hobby. As it is, tomorrow I’m planning a marathon shopping spree at Daiso, Japan Home Centre & New Hatchin…

    I was just wondering – how did you get the peas to stick to the egg? Is there some sort of “food glue” that I don’t know about? ;P

    • kaoko says:

      Hi kryjnn! Glad you’re starting bento too. It’s so much fun. Thankfully, I’m not as obsessed as I used to be because honestly, I used to buy boxes every week. Not a good thing, hahaha!

      About the peas, I broke off a tiny piece from a toothpick and used that to stick the peas to the egg. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea if a kid is eating it however, but for adults, I’m sure it’s all right as long as they know it’s there.

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