Gourmet Tuyo: Ode to the lowly dried fish

I love tuyo. Salty sundried fish that’s lightly fried before serving, complemented perfectly by either tomatoes or vinegar, tuyo is an ubiquitous presence in most Filipino kitchens. Tuyo is such a welcome dish that what foreigners perceive as the stinky smell of frying tuyo is an appetizing mouthwatering aroma to us.

Gourmet Tuyo

Aside from the classic fried tuyo that I enjoy either with fried rice and steamed tomatoes or vinegar, I also love Gourmet Tuyo. I actually included it in my Top 7 Bottles of Joy round-up last year, but I figured it would be nice to reiterate it in a new post because I simply can’t get enough of this delightful treat. Plus, I actually have a photo this time so it’ll be easier to locate it.

Gourmet Tuyo is easily a pioneer in the bottled tuyo field. I remember my mom bringing home a bottle back when I was in high school (more than ten years ago, maybe?), even before bottled tuyo became commonplace. While such products can now be easily bought at most groceries by various manufacturers, I usually hold back because with Gourmet setting the benchmark, I usually end up disappointed.

Not only is the seasoning of the soaking oil perfect (a tantalizing salty-sour mix of garlic and vinegar in corn oil), but the fillets themselves are neatly deboned, scaled, and beautifully formed. Unlike other brands that include the bones and sometimes, even the scales, this particular brand has only pristine fillets that’s perfect as an ingredient for other dishes.

Give it to me straight from the jar with a pile of freshly cooked rice, or as an ingredient for Spicy Tuyo pasta and I am equally happy. Pass me the bottle please!

I usually buy Gourmet Tuyo from Landmark Supermarket, South Supermarket in Alabang and Gourmet Café in Silang, Cavite. At times they’re also present at food expos and organic markets.

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18 Responses to Gourmet Tuyo: Ode to the lowly dried fish

  1. Mimi says:

    I love salted herring too! Perhaps it is because of the Spanish influence in my culture? The absurd amounts of herring and sardines I eat is usually enough to make one nauseous, I am glad I’m not alone!

  2. Tony Lou says:

    ooh! next time i go to the grocery with my mom, i’ll look for that. :o)

  3. kaoko says:

    What’s the salted herring in your country like?

    @Tony Lou
    I hope you find some. It’s really really good, much better than other brands.

  4. Gourmet tuyo? LOL Tuyo is moving up in the world!

  5. Mrs. G says:

    I love bottled tuyo too! Do you keep it in the ref? Will it go bad if I just leave it out?

  6. kaoko says:

    @[eatingclub] vancouver || js
    And what a way to move up!

    @Mrs. G
    I never really thought about it! I usually keep it in the fridge to play it safe though.

  7. I keep mine in the ref too. I usually keep a bottle on hand for champorado, a food combo that I got from my lola. :-)

  8. dyosa says:

    so this is the tuyo you were talking about. hmmm, i’ll give this a shot. by the way, it was great meeting you at the UCC breakfast last saturday. See you soon. :-)

  9. kaoko says:

    What is it like with Champorado? I love the tuyo x champorado combo but I use fried tuyo and not the bottled ones. Gourmet’s is pretty vinegary kasi so I wonder whether it’ll pair well with champorado.

    Hahaha, yeah, addicted to this one. Great meeting you too, dropped by your blogs (pati yung lunch delivery thing mo) as well.

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  14. Santino says:

    Hi my name is Santino. I am the son of Ma Elena Tabora the creator of this great product line. It is true that many have tried to “copy” my mother’s legacy but none have come close to imitating its taste and quality. The secret is kept safely in her heart, which she she gives fully to each product that she creates. It makes me sad to say that this wonderful product is rare and not available to everyone because she produces so little that she can only cater to family, friends, and a lucky few. One day I hope to continue this legacy and introduce it to the world so that many others can enjoy what we call a “Modern Filipino Delicacy”. For now you can find her and the “Original Gourmet Tuyo” in Bacolod, Neg. Occidental- the City of Smiles.. Perfect for Kalipayan which means “Happiness”..

    • Carmencita Rojas says:

      I want to order a box of this gourmet tuyo. I used to get them from South Suoermarket in Alabang but they no longer carry them. Long ago I used to order from your factory and they are sent to me by courier. I keep calling your tel no but I can’t get through. I don’t know if the numbers I have are still good. How can I place my order.

  15. kaoko says:

    I must agree, nothing comes close to your mom’s Gourmet Tuyo. Thanks for the helpful email replies, btw. Glad to know that the brand is still alive.

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