Cute, Pink and Shiny! When aluminum foil goes cute.

Japan definitely takes its obento making seriously, judging by the numerous cute bento accessories and aids you can find there. While some of them aren’t that readily available locally, I’m lucky enough to have friends who nab these cute little things for me when they travel. One thing I was lucky to receive is a roll of printed aluminum foil. Useful as a divider, foil cup, and in this case, to create a handle for finger food, this printed aluminum foil is a cute way to add color to an otherwise plain meal.

Karaage Chicken Lollipops

22 July 2008 • Bento #208

Take these Kara-age Chicken Lollipops for instance. While the exposed bone already work as handles, using printed aluminum foil not only makes it less messy since you don’t have to handle any of the fried parts, it also ups the cute factor.

Aside from the Chicken Lollipops, this bento also has white shimeji that’s sake-steamed, mushrooms glazed with a soy and sake sauce and quartered tomatoes, to increase my veggie intake, to add color and simply because I love tomatoes.

In the other tier, I packed some rice and sliced chikuwa—fishcake (think fishballs) that’s wrapped around a thin pole before cooking, hence the tubular shape with a hole in the center. I blanched mine quickly to defrost, since it’s usually sold pre-cooked already.

Overall, I’d love to infuse more color to this lunch, with the addition of greens (peas, asparagus, cucumbers) and maybe some yellows (egg or corn). Still, despite not being as colorful as I’d like, it was filling and satisfying. Not bad at all.

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7 Responses to Cute, Pink and Shiny! When aluminum foil goes cute.

  1. toni says:

    Iz yummy!!!!!!!!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Yay for color! Oh, and I hope the transfer goes well. *crosses fingers for Kao*

  3. kaoko says:

    Was. All gone. *sobs*

    Thanks Suzanne! I need all the luck I can get.

  4. ces says:

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  5. I’m going to have to try aluminum foil next time I have chicken wings, thats a great idea!

    Sometimes around the holidays you see colored foil and plastic wrap, I’ll be watching for some this year.

    Those mushrooms are making me drool, mushrooms are one of my favorite things

    I wish I could find fishcake premade here. I’ve seen some recipes and maybe I’ll try making my own sometime

    Good luck on your domain move!

  6. carrisa says:

    Yummmy! Good idea with the foil!

  7. kaoko says:

    Hey thanks for the info Ces! Will look into it as soon as I get the site back to 100%

    I love mushrooms too! Yum! Any kind, any way you cook them.

    Fantastic people, the ones who thought of making their foil bright and happy.

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