Royce is coming to Manila!

I was greeted by the world’s most wonderful news this morning. [CAPSLOCK] ROYCE IS OPENING IN MANILA! [/CAPSLOCK] Yes, that nyummy Japanese chocolate store that’s made of all things fine, delectable and unforgettable will be here. To give us our Nama Chocolate fix! Anytime! *hyperventilates*


Scheduled to open in Rockwell this coming November, this Manila flagship store will carry their complete line of more than 20 products, including the Nama chocolates I’m absolutely crazy about and their Chocolate Potatochip.

They’ll be accepting advance corporate and bulk orders just in time for Christmas starting October 10 so place your orders. Personally, I can’t think of a better gift to receive.

For inquiries and reservations, email Royce at

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20 Responses to Royce is coming to Manila!

  1. toni says:


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  3. Leki says:

    Wow sa Rockwell…more reason to visit!

  4. kaoko says:

    Plus since it’s a mall store, they’ll be well-stocked!

    Excited na akoooooooo~~~

  5. Tony Lou says:

    wowowowow! no more reason to go to sg. hehe! :o)

  6. Mrs. G says:

    Oh, no! Rockwell is TOO accessible.

    I just hope someone gives me one this Christmas.

  7. emily says:


    thanks for the heads up! :-)

  8. nina says:

    One more reason to go to Rockwell!

  9. nagi-chan says:


  10. aoitenshi says:

    So awesome!!! Now I don’t have to go to Sing because I keep forgetting when I’m there haha. The HMV distracts me when I’m in Suntec. Thanks for the news Kao!!!

  11. Bea says:

    I’m not a fan of chocolates but those look positively delightful.

  12. kaoko says:

    @mrs. g
    Hehe, we’ll need all the self-control we have. But if we give in, it won’t be such a bad thing, will it?

    Glad to help a fellow fan. *drools too*

    Definitely! *needs to go to Blue Kitchen*


    Yeah! Plus so much more accessible!

    You should definitely try it, Beia, it’s so worth it.

    Thanks a lot, mike! I love the photo too. Brings back lovely memories, heehee.

  13. Mira says:

    Have you tried thir chips(with the top of the chocolate)? 😉

    • kaoko says:

      Oh yes! It’s quite good and offers an interesting interplay of flavor. But personally, I’d rather spend all my money on the nama chocolate. It’s sooooo good! <3

  14. gigi c/o tanyat says:

    how do you correctly pronounce royce’?

    • kaoko says:

      You know, I never tried to find out! I always pronounce it Roys but I’m not sure if it’s absolutely right. I always ignored the ‘ in Royce’ since I always assumed it was an engrish thing…

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