Mario’s: Good food, good fun

As a kid, my mom used to regale me with tales of how good the food at Mario’s was. She’d tell me about the thick steaks and the memorable Caesar’s salad. So when second generation owner Fil Benitez invited us over for dinner, can you imagine how excited I was?

Marios 01

When I got to the event, a couple of bloggers were milling about already. Some appetizers were already spread out on the buffet table so I went to investigate. The thing that immediately caught my eye was the large platter of Oysters Rockefeller. It was one of their most famous dishes, I was told so despite my misgivings about eating shellfish that particular evening, I threw caution to the wind and tried it.

Marios 02

And it was a good thing I did at least try it because it was delicious. Creamy and savory, it was rich without a hint of fishiness. It’s the perfect way to start your meal because it would definitely get your appetite going. Of course, you’ll have to exercise restraint as well because it can just as easily fill you up.

Marios 03

Aside from the oysters, we also had some delicious shrimp cooked with tomatoes and sausages (forgive me, I wasn’t able to take much notes that evening),

Marios 04

And some delightful mushrooms cooked in an assortment of flavorful herbs that complemented the mushroom’s earthiness nicely.

Marios 05

For the salad course, we were served their famous Caesar’s Salad, served right at your tableside. Caesar’s salad is one salad that should always be prepared, or at least dressed fresh, otherwise, the salt content of the dressing will make it all watery and kill the fresh greens. The secret to their salad? Fil kidded us that it was the varnish of their wooden bowls. Maybe there’s truth to that as a lot of chefs recommend preparing Caesar’s salad in wooden bowls rubbed with fresh garlic. 😛

Marios 06

Instead of the traditional romaine, their Caesar’s salad was a mix of romaine and iceberg, croutons, fine bacon bits and parmesan. I was a bit surprised at being served iceberg initially, but my misgivings where forgotten as I took a bit because it was a good salad. The dressing’s flavor was spot on, with a hint of creaminess that I like. (Even my Baby Treeson Rainy agrees!)

Marios 07

We went a la Carte for our entrees. Because I have been brainwashed by my mom, I knew I had to try their steak. I choose their Filet Mignon—how can you go wrong with beef AND BACON?! Cooked medium rare as I instructed, it was tender and flavorful, with a rosy pinkness in the center. Just the way I like my steak. The bacon’s crisp texture and sharp saltiness was a pleasant companion to the beef. A marriage made in heaven, really.

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10 Responses to Mario’s: Good food, good fun

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  3. That little guy is so cute. I’m gonna look for one. It was nice to have met you. Love the pics. :-)

  4. jani says:

    The mango flambee was mouth watering. And so was the bacon/steak. How could you go wrong with that?

  5. maver says:

    Mario’s caesar’s salad is luvvv.

  6. kaoko says:

    It was so nice meeting you! I finally meet the lady behind the blog 😀 Hope we get to chat some more next time. Dapat pala Spanky did the introductions before dinner 😀

    Totally agree! Meat AND Bacon!

    Caesar’s salad happiness!

  7. toni says:

    your pictures are made of win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kaoko says:

      Thanks toni! of course it helps that the food itself was made of win. I visited your post and loooooved your photos too. Good food memories are always made of love and win.

  8. robotnicc says:

    Man. Those oysters look awesome. It’s been ages since I’ve had some.

    Oh and the Treeson in the pics was a nice touch. 8)

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