Eating my way through Singapore (Part 3 of 3)

What Singaporean food trip would be complete without Hainanese Chicken? I know mine wouldn’t be so here, in the third and final installment of my Singaporean food exploration, let me introduce you to the dish that stole my heart. Tian-tian’s Hainanese Chicken Rice.

03 0003

Hainanese Chicken Rice is a very simple dish. Attributed to Chinese immigrants from China’s Hainan Island, it’s a simple dish of poached chicken served with rice cooked in chicken broth that’s laden with ginger and garlic. Because there was four of us, we opted to get half a chicken and bowls of rice instead of ordering separate orders of Chicken Rice. Aside from the chicken and rice, we were given bowls of chicken broth and little sauce dishes of a zesty chili-lime sauce and a strong ginger puree.

03 0002

How was it? Tender and flavorful chicken, fragrant, delicious rice, sauces that add an extra dose of zing—It’s a comforting meal that fills you with warmth and honest-to-goodness love. Tian-tian’s Hainanese Chicken is included in the Singapore Tourism board’s listing of highly recommended Hainanese Chicken places. Judging from the long lines of well-dressed office workers queued in front of the modest looking stall, you know that the recommendation is not just for show.

03 0009

Aside from the yummy, unforgettable Hainanese Chicken (it really stole my heart <3), we also had some bokchoy in oyster sauce. It was a nice complement to the chicken, with the veggies being only slightly cooked leaving it with a nice, refreshing crunch. 03 0007

We also tried Laksa, a rich, coconut based noodle soup, strewn with seafood and fishcake. I like the heady, rich flavor of the laksa but honestly, I was so bowled over by the Hainanese Chicken that I wasn’t able to do the laksa justice. (Something I’m sure khursten will flog me for.)

03 0005

Another local delicacy I got to try was the Chwee Kueh. A classic Singaporean snack, this dish is made of little steamed rice flour cakes topped with pickled radish that’s fried and braised with lots of chopped garlic and soy sauce. It’s served with a side of chili sauce for extra flavor but personally, I find the topping already packs a tasty punch against the relatively bland cakes.

03 0004

At most hawker centers and food courts, they usually have stalls that specialize in all sorts of drinks. The one at Maxwell Center had all sorts of freshly prepared juices, canned drinks and other specialties like Soya milk and Jelly-based drinks.

03 0006

I tried and thoroughly enjoyed the lychee drink. It reminded me a lot of the Almond Jelly and lychee desserts served in local Chinese restaurants.

03 0001

Visiting Singapore was an eye-opening experience for me. Not just because I saw a lot of different places and got to experience how things are run in a country not my own, but also because of the wide variety of tastes and textures I was able to try. I know I haven’t tried even a fourth of what Singapore has to offer so I really would like to come back and taste even more dishes I haven’t tried but one thing’s for sure. My feet will find their way back to Maxwell Center for a bite of Tian-tian’s Hainanese Chicken.

This post is the third part of a 3-part series. Visit Part 1 of 3 and Part 2 of 3 for more Singaporean Food Exploits.

Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice
Stall 10 Maxwell Road Food Centre

Maxwell Food Centre
Maxwell Road, a 5-minute walk from Chinatown MRT Station (NE4)

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14 Responses to Eating my way through Singapore (Part 3 of 3)

  1. raydance says:

    I’m glad you had the chance to go to Maxwell Food Centre! It’s packed with tons of good food, Tian Tian is only one of them! It’s also in a location where there is really good eats nearby, maybe when you drop by next time you can wander down the other streets in Tanjong Pagar. 😀

  2. amvn says:

    Oh so many glorious food-pics from one of the best food-places out there ^-^ Now I miss Singapore and all it’s lovely food! The chicken-rice looks so delicious. I’ve only walked past Maxwell, never actually been there. I think I went to the Chinatown Complex food centre that day, as I was in Chinatown 😉

  3. peachkins says:

    Naku, parang ang sarap ng lychee drink na yan!

  4. kaoko says:

    I will definitely explore some more when I go back there. I love how there’s always good food to eat, anywhere you go, in Singapore.

    I so agree with you about the food. I already made a promise to myself that I’ll go back maybe next year or the year after that. There’s still so much food I want to try!

    Panalo! It reminds me of the almond-jelly in Chinese restos here. Kaso it’s not as sweet and it’s a lot more refreshing. How I wish I can find some locally. Delikado lang, maaaddict ako!

  5. alilay says:

    ever since i saw anthony bourdain eating this chicken on his NR show about Singapore, i’m obsessed with it, luckily BettyQ a reader of marketmanila gave me a recipe for this and i’ve been cooking this with cornish hens and whenever chickens are on sale, so comforting, my friend and i would finish a whole chicken or a cornish hen each. i’d love to go to singapore and try this and go to that buffet in a hotel (have to check my DVR for the name of the hotel) which AB said is so much like street food but on a more upscale ambience.

    • kaoko says:

      Is it difficult to cook? I’d love to learn to cook Hainanese chicken too. I’ve been poring through some online recipes recently because I want to experiment. Will probably do so during Christmas break.

  6. Tony Lou says:

    is hainanese chicken the national dish of singapore? parang everyone in sg has a version of that chicken dish.

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