Just got back :D

Hi folks! My apologies for not updating but I just got back from a short vacation. Unfortunately, the schedule was tight so I wasn’t able to update before leaving.

Aki and Mickey Mango Pudding

I’m not sure if I can update by today or tomorrow as well so I figured I’d drop a note to say, yes, I’m still alive. I will try to reply to everyone’s comments though, but please be patient with me as I try to get my bearings back. Hope life’s treating everyone well.

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5 Responses to Just got back :D

  1. surrealistic says:

    I was thinking disneyland <3 <3 when i saw the pudding <:

    Hope you been well~

  2. boo says:


  3. toni says:

    Back to the saltmines! Work work work!

  4. kaoko says:

    You win a cookie! *sends cookie to surrealistic, only to be blocked by firewall. Darn!*

    Now I know why they call it the most magical place on earth. I soooo loved it there!

    Fight-o! Just another day and it’s vacation time again.

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