A Cook’s Tour Winner plus a special sur-PRIZE!

The answers have been read. The points have been tallied. And the Randomizer has been clicked. The signed copy of A Cook’s Tour will be making it’s new home on cebukitty‘s bookshelf!

Anthony Bourdain A Cook's Tour Giveaway Contest Winner

I know we’re all dying of envy right now, (I know I am) but on hindsight, I think he or she was fated to win. In fact, it’s quite appropriate because s/he had to eat horsemeat! It definitely goes with the Anthony Bourdain theme, doesn’t it?

cebukitty writes:

The most interesting meal I’ve ever had? Hmmm…well a Filipino carmelite nun once served us horsemeat stew in Belgium. I was really hesitant about eating it but I didn’t want to offend our hosts so I took a very tentative bite. I was relieved to find out that it tasted just like beef only just a bit tad tougher and had an interesting aftertaste that’s kinda hard to describe. My body warmed up afterwards tho…which was a good thing coz Belgium was like below 10 C that time

That answer definitely got my attention but it wasn’t the only one. I loved reading everyone’s food experiences, like Janlo, dementia and Sara‘s Kapampangan food trips, the peek at one of Ian’s family feasts, frances’ meal at Ziggurat (mental note, make time to eat there!), Noel’s throat-searing moment with the frog + shoju and magnetic_rose’s adventures at a Tokyo izakaya (demn you, one day, I shall go there too!) I enjoyed reading everyone’s answers so much that I decided that there should be a special prize for everyone’s special effort.

I know it’s not as awesome as the signed A Cook’s Tour but then, what is? (Except maybe dinner with THE Mr. Bourdain himself.) Think of this as a small gesture of appreciation for the post I liked the most. It has small monetary value, but I think it’s loads of fun and I hope will encourage the winner to try one of my favorite things in the world—preparing bento!

Bento Accessories

More than the food she featured, it was the memory she shared—a slice of nostalgia, dabbed with wasabi that had me thinking, THIS SHOULD WIN A PRIZE! So, toni, your 13-year old you has just won you a bunch of bento accessories! Use it as you see fit; for eating sashimi, putting your hair up in a bun or poking annoying people with—enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who joined. All the answers can be found in the contest thread. I highly recommend checking out the comments section and visiting everyone’s links—there are a lot of entertaining posts here.

Finally, our biggest thanks goes to Avalon.ph whose generosity and love for books has made everything possible. Please support them any way you can!

Avalon.ph is a long established website dealing in both bestsellers and hard-to-find books. They have first editions, limited editions and signed copies. They also have the best prices on Moleskine notebooks and planners. Visit them at http://www.Avalon.ph

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6 Responses to A Cook’s Tour Winner plus a special sur-PRIZE!

  1. toni says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha! I wanna do the dance of joy right here in my office! Yey yey yey!! Thank you Kaoko!!! Aaaaahhhhhh! Whoopee! I’m so excited to prepare my first bento using my prize. Yey yey yey!

  2. Gemma says:

    Wow, horsemeat O.o
    I’d be scared to try that ~ xDD

    P.S. – I love how your photos come out. How do you get them to have such good quality? Is it camera settings or photosop? or both?

  3. kaoko says:

    You deserve it, toni <3

    I know right? Honestly, I'd be hesitant to try horsemeat too but I guess if it were served, I would try out of politeness and curiosity.

    And about the photos, thank you! It's a combination of a lot of things; I tweak my camera settings (whether I'm using a point and shoot or a DSLR) to work with the lighting conditions of a place. If there are some things that need to be tweaked on photoshop, I do that too, but I try to make sure that the photo's good to go as soon as it comes out of the camera.

  4. Janlo Cui says:

    Congratulations to the winner!!!! And thank you for letting us share our experiences. It was fun to do it and I believe it was my first blog for the year. hahahaha. :)

  5. cebukitty says:


    I guess I should also thank the carmelite nuns in Belgium who lovingly prepared the horsemeat stew for us. It was definitely a once in a lifetime not soon to be repeated experience. After eating the horsemeat stew…my sis and I also rode on a horse drawn carriage. Let’s just say after the ride, we ended up smelling like the horse…LOL! So I guess the horse had its revenge after all *neigh* 😉

  6. kaoko says:

    @Janlo Cui
    Thanks for sharing your experiences. It was a fun read. And I’m glad it motivated you to blog 😀 Do stay tuned though, there will be more giveaways as the year goes on along. (Especially since the 3rd year anniversary looms near *wink*)

    Hahahaha! How ironic that you rode a horse AFTER you partook of one of them. It’s a wonder they didn’t throw you off 😛 Congratulations again, you lucky cat you. *still envious*

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