F-word Restaurant: Fusion with Attitude

I first heard about F-word when Manila Boy started waxing “foetic” about Peanut Butter Soup. I’m no fan of peanut butter but it was an interesting idea, plus I’m friends with a couple of peanut butter fiends so I had to find out. I was planning to check the restaurant out but you know how it is with the last quarter of the year — a heavy workload and family holidays. That’s why I was pretty psyched to receive an invite to an F-word food tasting. I could almost taste the Peanut Butter Soup already. Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t on the evening’s menu but it was all right.

F-word 01

I got to the event a tad late; it was a weekday night and my job still comes first. I missed out on the Black Calamares and Hassle-free Gambas, but I still caught a piece of the Tamaraw Wings.

F-word 02

What I assume to be a rendition of the classic Buffalo Wings, the Tamaraw Wings, named such after the only endemic bovine to the Philippines, is a notch spicier than most. It’s mostly a crisp, breaded chicken wing smothered in a sweet and spicy chili sauce. Truthfully, it was a tad too spicy even for me, and I like spicy food. I could imagine this would be better with an icy cold bottle of beer and not the iced tea I was drinking that evening.

F-word 03

Next came some soup. First up was the Pakbet Soup. Instead of the usual stewed vegetables we all know pakbet to be, we were served with a thick, hearty vegetable soup, made chunky by morsels of the traditional pakbet ingredients. There was your usual eggplant, bitter melon and bits of crunchy pork in what I’m guessing to be a squash base? A bit of bagoong (shrimp paste) rounds out the flavor, cutting the buttery richness while adding a salty kick to the whole thing.

F-word 04

The soup I liked the best was the Potato Leek Arroz Caldo. Unlike the usual rice-laden Arroz Caldo, this one was smoother and much lighter, probably because of the creamy potato soup base. Crowning the soup was a couple of yummy, crunchy chicken skin chicharon pieces and some chopped leeks. Much like the original Arroz Caldo, snuggling up to a bowl of this would be perfect for a rainy day.

F-word 05

To complete the trio of soups, we were served the F-soup. The curious among us asked, “What is in the F-soup?” Our host, Chef Francis answered succinctly, “Soup #5.” Oh. I don’t know how much of it is an authentic soup #5 (yes, a bull’s privates) but I can safely say that the soup is very flavorful beefy soup, made refreshing by a bit of fresh cilantro. Yes, there were…uhm…meat bits which were nice, tender and quite yummy too. MOVING ON…

F-word 06

After the soup, we were served with a trio of pasta dishes. I chose to start with the Tuna Tinapa pasta, a full-flavored yet refreshing mix of crunchy yet meaty smoked tuna, fresh tomatoes and basil. I love the tuna tinapa; I can imagine eating loads of it with rice, but it’s still equally good with the pasta.

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14 Responses to F-word Restaurant: Fusion with Attitude

  1. aoitenshi says:

    Oooh it’s just in Palanca! It sure sounds like a fun resto – all the dishes looked really good and had me curious at the same time. I’ll keep it in mind when I’m feeling adventurous. :)

  2. dementedchris says:

    Mmmm… sounds yummy! Good thing it’s near, too! I think Mike would like this. I can’t believe you ate Soup #5 hehe. There are so many dishes here that I’d love to try.

    • nina says:

      Paanong di kami makakakain nun eh sinabi lang samin after we all took a sip XD Pero masarap naman, I’m glad they didn’t tell us, because otherwise, we would’ve missed out on a really good soup

  3. Desmone007 says:

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  4. nina says:

    Panalo ang white balance! 😀

    Shet ka Kao, nakakagutom sobra ang mga pictures!

  5. toni says:

    I’ve heard so much about this resto! I have yet to try it. Thanks for the review! I know what to expect from some of the dishes then!

  6. Tony Lou says:

    where’s palanca? i’m so lost in this small city of makati. anyway, i think i want to try that chicken liver ravioli. it has 3 things i like: ravioli, chicken liver and daing. hehe!

  7. wow… like nina said Fotos are Fantastic… I was not able to greet you personally but I hope you can join us again next time:)

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  9. entrepgirl says:

    your photos look great, very appetizing indeed. :)

  10. kaoko says:

    Go for F-SOUP! Soup #5!!!

    Soup #5!!!

    I think we were almost done when Chef Francis told us what it was, no?

    Thanks for the invite! I’ll be checking it out soon—just as soon as my workload clears up.

    Hahaha, baliw! Siraulo ka talaga. I know better than to take you seriously, beach!

    I think it’s enjoying a nice buzz in the advertising community, yes? I think they even have ad community events there.

    @Tony Lou
    It’s in Legaspi Village, it’s a street parallel to Rada. Hnnnn…Are you familiar with Dela Rosa? Just walk down that street from Greenbelt 5 and you’re bound to hit Palanca since it ends at Dela Rosa. It’s either the second or third street down.

    @Pinoy Cravings
    Thank you so much! You looked really busy that evening so I wasn’t able to greet you as well, but thanks for having a hand in organizing the thing. It’s well appreciated.

    Thanks! I hope you get a chance to try it out. The food is pretty fun and interesting.

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