Melty Kiss: A Sweet Delightful Kiss

For one who professes to not have a sweet tooth, I’ve been featuring an awful lot of sweets lately. Still, please indulge me as I spotlight another sweet treat; more chocolate of the melt in your mouth persuasion, Meiji Melty Kiss.

IMG_1897 copy

A seasonal candy that heralds the arrival of Winter, this year’s Melty Kiss is available in Au Lait, Strawberry and Dark Rum. I hear that the flavors are rotated from year to year—I guess that would explain 2007’s Green Tea Melty Kiss which I can’t find in the local store shelves.

IMG_1899 copy

Melty Kiss is seasonal for a good reason. It’ll melt! Definitely not a good thing. I’ve tried eating a melty Melty Kiss and it was a horrible mess. Simply opening the pillow pack (each piece is individually wrapped) was a major production. I had no choice but to stick it in the fridge to let it firm up. Still, it’s not really the solution because the best way to enjoy Melty Kiss is at room temperature. That way, it falls apart in melty, chocolatey goodness as it hits your tongue.

IMG_2185 copy

I’ve tried the three variants above and while the creamy Au Lait is good, it’s the Strawberry and the Dark Rum that has me hooked. I like the strawberry for the fruity contrast the strawberry and chocolate make. On the other hand, I like Dark Rum for the intoxicating hint of liqueur it offers.

A friend has described Melty Kiss as a poor man’s Royce Nama and I tend to agree, to a certain extent. The melt in your mouth experience is similar, down to the cocoa powder coating the chocolate pieces. And while Royce Nama is superior in chocolate quality and texture, Melty Kiss is still a delightful little gem that tantalizes your tastebuds with the various flavors they offer. You guys know how much I value Royce Nama, so for me to dare to compare the two, you know how good Melty Kiss is.

IMG_1896 copy

Make sure to grab Melty Kiss before it disappears for the season. Stockpile if you need to. The next Japanese Winter is a long wait.

In the Philippines, Meiji Melty Kiss is available in SM Snack Exchanges, Rustan’s Fresh supermarkets, and most stores where Meiji chocolate is sold.

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26 Responses to Melty Kiss: A Sweet Delightful Kiss

  1. nina says:

    I said it before, and I’ll say it again.. Meltykiss, I loff you <3

    Thanks for the heads up about the seasonal thing. MUST STOCKPILE! Though I don’t think it’d last in this household XD

  2. gene says:

    Wow! Another Meiji goodness! I love anything by Meiji, I’m so addicted to it. I can’t remember the last time I have eaten a chocolate that is not Meiji. Another addition to my chocolate addiction (only by Meiji)

    Note to self: Add Meltykiss to the To-Buy list on Friday.

  3. extrarice says:

    as Nina said earlier, STOCKPILE!! Melty Kiss is another fantastic Japanese confection!

  4. yoof san says:

    Eee thanks for the tip! Will rush to the grocery ASAP. 😀

  5. witsandnuts says:

    Waaaah, I want! None of that here. =(

  6. Fox says:

    i had some Green Tea Melty Kiss, it was SOO GOOD!

  7. Suzanne says:

    Stockpile? Ha! As if it’ll last pag nag-uwi ako sa bahay… SM, here I come!

  8. khursten says:

    Huhuhuhu. I know where I’ll be going today~ :3 TIME FOR THE STOCKPILE!!

  9. berrymix says:

    waaaaah, I’m heading straight to SM come lunch time! Thanks for featuring this!

  10. Jaja says:

    I’ve seen Melty Kiss before when I was still living in Manila but not in Davao. Thank you to SM for bringing it here. Yay!=) I must buy some more before the stocks run out.=)

  11. Bea says:

    I wuv Melty Kiss!!! Grabe. Ang mahal nga lang…

  12. kate says:

    wow, i always see melty kiss on sale here. i have never tried it since i always get the meiji apollo strawberry :) Will try it one of these days nga. btw, i love your blog and will be dropping by more often :)

  13. Reiko says:

    I love melty kiss. . . I bought a bunch when I went to the mall the other day ROFL. . . btw what camera are you using with your pictures?? The pics are so awesome n___n

  14. caryn says:

    uy! this is one of my faves! although i’m currently lusting after royce’s precious valentine naman choco 😉

  15. Pinky says:

    I first learned about Melty Kiss when a friend asked us to buy it for her from HK – and we were hooked ever since!

    Glad to know it’s apparently now locally available so more Pinoys can have their Melty Kiss fixes more easily. :)

  16. kaoko says:

    @nina, extrarice, yoof san, Suzanne, khursten, berrymix
    Sugod mga kapatid! I bought a couple of boxes last week but now, I only have one box of Dark Rum left. Let’s finish SM’s stocks already, bwahahahahaha~

    So many yummy Meiji sweets, I agree! I also love the Strawberry Apollo, Coffee Beat and Meiji Macadamia. And the plain Milk Chocolate bar too!

    Really? Boo!

    I hate you! I want some too! I hope next time they release Green Tea Melty Kiss, they sell some where too <3

    At least may Melty Kiss. Royce substitute?

    Sulit na rin, hehe.

    Grab some kate! Before it get sold out for the season.

    Thanks Rieko! I use two cameras on this blog but for this particular one, I used my DSLR, a Canon EOS450D with a 50mm lens.

    And a good reason to be your favorite. It's one of my favorites now too.

    Yes! It's so nice being able to walk to a store to grab some when the craving hits.

  17. surrealistic says:

    Meji chocolate <3

    a bar of Meji is so cheap only like 99 yen 😀

    The thing about Melty Kiss, I think is you can’t just bite into one. Its better to let it melt slowly in the mouth :33

    Royce white chocolate? mmmmmmmm <3

  18. dyanie says:

    weeee! another meiji goodness! ill try this! im still inlove with meiji macadamia though hehe 😉

  19. toni says:

    I love the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So professional. Meiji should be paying you for this!

  20. dyanie says:

    kaokooooo! i went to SM yesterday and munched those meiji goodies! dami pa nila hehe 😉 pero 2 nalang yung flavors eh. dark rum and strawberry :)

    the little kids at home loveeed it! got hugs from them saraaap! :) thanks kaoko! :)

  21. kaoko says:

    Cheap and satisfying! Oh, and about Royce White Chocolate, is it good? I’m not a big fan of White Chocolate so I haven’t tried it but if you say it’s good…

    Ay! I love Meiji Macadamia pero I tried another Japanese brand and it’s sooooo good! Medyo salted yung Macadamia nuts na gamit kaya ang sarap ng blend ng sweet and salty. I’ll put the post up in a day or two. I need help finding it locally 😛

    Pumapalakpak naman ang tenga ko. Unfortunately, that’s one field I don’t think I can manage to break into. Sobra tough!

  22. cali_maki says:

    it looks like a japanese chocolate called creamy armande….

  23. Jo says:

    I love the Meltykiss Dark Rum variant. It’s the next best thing to Royce’s Nama Dark chocolate (black box).

    Although Royce’s quality is far superior, Meltykiss also has a melt in your mouth experience that satisfies for much less money (about PhP 450 difference!)

  24. kaoko says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a lot of similar chocolate products. For a relatively small country, they have a whole lot of candy and chocolate products, yes?

    Totally agree with you on that! While I still love Royce, it’s nice having a cheaper alternative when you want to be more practical. Plus for me, the strawberry offers a totally different experience since Royce doesn’t have fruit variants.

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  26. yangyang says:

    is it still available in the Philippines?

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